Watch The Moment Dr. Birx Gets It About Trump

To borrow a phrase from a friend who used to be my boss, Donald Trump is one sick puppy.

So Trump suggested yesterday that maybe they could check into people drinking or injecting disinfectant into the body as a cleansing because disinfectant kills the COVID-19 virus in “less than a minute” or if we could somehow get radiant light into the body because it also kills the virus. Watch this power play that he is engaged in here with Dr. Birx. Reminiscent of when he stalked Hillary around the debate stage.

Like all abusers, Trump is a power addict (in addition to possibly some other drugs according to some). Once people are all in with him they can’t figure out how to get away safely. My suggestion to Dr. Birx is to announce her retirement so she can “spend more time with her family,” i.e., run away as fast as you can!

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