Sunday Funday: Worst Trifecta Edition

Donald Trump (sorry to use his name) has turned the United States into a third world country in three years. We do not have the capability to test for the pandemic disease that is overwhelming us. Our health care system will soon be overwhelmed and all we get for leadership is a campaign to assign blame to a foreign country and people for the virus. Once again, Trump plays to the racists while Americans die.

So now we have a pandemic, one of the worst leaders in history with his corrupt administration and an election system that has purposely compromised from inside and outside over the past 40 years, but especially the past 4 years. The worst trifecta possible.

And just to top it off, we have the story of at least 2 Republican senators taking advantage of insider knowledge to cash in before the stock market crashed. That is about as low as anyone can go, don’t you think?

There are good leaders at this time. Democratic governors Andrew Cuomo of New York, Gavin Newsom of California, Kate Brown of Oregon and especially Jay Inslee of Washington are showing tremendous leadership in taking up the slack left by Trump’s refusal to lead. 

It is still women’s history month.

And a big “Thank You” to America’s medical personnel for what they are doing to save us.

  1. Famous presidential quote. Who said “No. I accept no responsibility at all.”?
  1. What term does the Chosen One choose to use for the virus instead of the official term Covid-19?
  1. What state called off its Democratic primary Tuesday due to the virus?
  1. In Illinois, what Democratic congress member who usually votes with Republicans was defeated in Tuesday’s primary?
  1. What former Soviet Union heroine put forth the amendment in the Russian Duma (legislature) that will keep Putin in power until 2036?
  1. What county has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Iowa?
  1. In a virtual meeting with governors, the Chosen One told the governors that who was responsible for getting medical supplies to the states?
  1. Can you name the two Republican senators who have been implicated in using insider information to trade stock?
  1. What other country announced their first Covid-19 case the same day as the US?
  1. The filing date for federal income tax has been changed to what later date this year?
  1. How many women total serve in the 116th (current) congress? This includes the House and the Senate.
  1. There is some live sports in the world. What league opened its 2020 season Thursday night before a large empty stadium?
  1. Minnesota has declared what unlikely group of workers as “emergency workers”?
  1. A judge suspended the administration order to cut food stamps as of April 1st. How did the administration respond?
  1. Walmart announced Friday they will be hiring how many temp workers during the crisis?
  1. On Tuesday, what state became the 50th and last to report a Covid-19 case?
  1. What movie studio announced Monday that it will make in-home rentals of movies available the same day as the theatrical release?
  1. The stock market plunged nearly 3,000 points on what day last week?
  1. What two Republican representatives have tested positive for Covid-19?
  1. Several businesses across the country that make what product are switching to make hand sanitizers?

“no one saw this coming” says the moron who fired the pandemic response team, went golfing, called it a hoax, went golfing again, said he had a “hunch” it wasn’t all that deadly, went golfing again, and bragged that 15 cases would soon be down do zero. but cool story, asshole. – Jeff Tiedrich


  1. Donald Trump in response to a question about the botched response to the corona virus outbreak.
  1. “Chinese” virus
  1. Ohio
  1. Dan Lipinsky. He was defeated by Marie Newman
  1. Valentina Tereshkova. She was the first woman in space.
  1. Johnson
  1. They (the governors) were, not the federal government. Complete reversal of the usual form.
  1. Burr of NC and Loeffler of Ga.
  1. South Korea. South Korea is close to having contained the virus. But they are doing massive testing that the admin refuses to do.
  1. July 15th
  1. Senate (45D, 53R, 2I) Women 26 (17D, 9R); House 435 (233D, 197R, 4 vacancies) Women 101 (88D, 13R), plus 4 (2D, 2R) Delegates  Total = 127 (of 535) + 4 delegates
  1. Australian rules Football – normally the opening game would have drawn @ 100,000 – but the stadium was empty.
  1. Grocery store workers
  1. The administration appealed still looking to cut 1,000,000 people off of food aid in the middle of the pandemic.
  1. 150,000
  1. West Virginia.
  1. Universal
  1. Monday
  1. Ben McAdams of Utah and Mario Diaz-Ballart of Florida
  1. Distilleries that make alcohol products such as whiskey.

he has failed each of us

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  1. C.A. says:

    The most maddening thing about the insistence of some Republicans on calling the virus “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese virus” is that doing so will further polarize the COVID-19 discussion and make it even harder to do one thing that really must be done in future to help prevent future pandemics — namely, to permanently shut down, with strong permanent enforcement, the illegal wildlife trafficking in China and some other Asian countries.

    It’s increasingly clear that variants of such trafficking started SARS and now COVID-19. There are many Chinese experts and citizens who want to see the trafficking gone, but Chinese leaders may quietly start to allow it again after the COVID-19 pandemic burns out, just as they did after SARS. It makes money for rural China, and the traffickers don’t care about the human health threats or that illegaltrafficking is driving some kinds of wildlife into extinction around the world.

    This has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with the basic biology of pathogens and what enables them to most easily jump from animals to people. Blaming Chinese people for the novel Corona virus is as utterly stupid as it would be to decide that because the virus is being genetically linked to bats, a good way to fight it is to kill all the bats. Scientific literacy really does matter. And wow, science illiteracy is on rampant display these days.


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