Rural Communities Face Unique Challenges With COVID-19

Just as important as taking the White House back from Trump is to both win a senate majority so we can send Moscow Mitch packing and to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives.  This could be the year we fire Steve King and get true representation in Iowa’s 4th district. 

J.D. Scholten’s campaign  has been positive and focused on issues of importance to Iowans. His campaign newsletters are informational, and frequently suggest actions the grassroots can take.  I always open my J.D. emails because it’s never just a money ask and I always learn something. Let’s help J.D. take this congressional seat back from crazy Steve King.

Here’s a note from J.D.:

We are in the middle of a public health crisis, and leaders in Washington remain woefully unprepared to create a plan to address it.

Coronavirus is a threat that demands competent leadership, but all we’ve seen is chaos, denials, outright lies, misinformation, and more corporate handouts. The Administration is putting the profits of Wall Street and corporations over helping sick people, and we’re running the risk of doing too little, too late.

The response to coronavirus can’t leave rural America behind. Rural communities are at a higher risk of worse outcomes — and any federal response should adequately confront these challenges.

Add your name to our petition if you agree: We can’t forget about rural communities during this public health crisis.

Some leaders — but not enough — have condemned the chaos, while demanding the response prioritize the health and safety of Americans over corporate interests.

With the proper response, we can contain coronavirus, prevent the spread, and aid those already infected — but only if our leaders understand who needs the most help.

Add your name in calling for a response to coronavirus that addresses the unique challenges facing rural communities.


Team Scholten


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