When Grocery Stores Close Iowa Towns Lose

Here is an important message from J.D. Scholten.  J.D. is one of the most positive people you’ll find anywhere. Let’s help him unseat one of the worst Republicans ever, Steve King.  J.D. ‘s campaign focuses on issues, not partisanship. He has been listening to the people of Iowa’s fourth district and that informs his policy ideas. His mailings aren’t just money asks; they intend to inform.  This week J.D. draws attention to something you wouldn’t imagine to be an issue right here in idyllic Iowa. Food deserts.


It’s hard to live in a town without a grocery store — but that’s the reality for many families in rural Iowa right now.

These families are forced to rely on gas stations or dollar stores for food to put on their kitchen tables. But these places don’t sell fresh produce or fresh meat, which undermines our overall nutrition, health, and ability to reach our fullest potential.

Many of our rural communities are fighting hard to keep their last remaining grocery store. In Gowrie (pop. 1,037), folks heroically came together to buy their grocery store to keep it open. Shortly after, the town of Manson (pop. 300) followed Gowrie’s example and are now rallying to reopen their grocery store.

These stories are both heart-breaking and heart-warming, but we need to shine a light on them and share what’s really going on in the lives of everyday people.

Food deserts aren’t just in rural America, they’re also in some of the biggest cities in our country like Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City. No matter what zip code you live in, you should have access to affordable, quality, and healthy food.

If you believe that all Americans should be able to buy affordable, quality food to put on their kitchen table for dinner, add your name to my petition.

To keep our grocery stores alive, we need to start by:

  • Enforcing antitrust laws
  • Protecting small businesses from big retail
  • Strengthening unions
  • Eliminating tax loopholes and subsidies for big corporations
  • Supporting critical nutrition programs like SNAP and WIC
  • Expanding and investing in local and regional food systems
  • Backing local grocery stores, mobile grocery units, food hubs & co-ops
  • Addressing the impacts of climate change on our farms and communities

Grocery stores are the linchpin of a community, keeping everything else afloat. Once a town loses its grocery store, it’s not long before the pharmacy closes, then the school or the bank, and then folks move away.

We need you with us to fight for everyday people just like you and me who deserve healthy, affordable food to eat.

Stand with folks across the country who live in food deserts from rural Iowa to NYC — sign my petition today.

This is too important.

Standing Tall for All,

J.D. Scholten



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