Is Trump Buying Farmers’ Votes?

‘Trump Money’ Is Buying Silence as Unprecedented Payments Go to Farmers

“‘Trump money’ is what we call it,’ Missouri farmer Robert Henry told NPR of the taxpayer-funded subsidies sent to him and other farmers by the Department of Agriculture.

Farm subsidies have now hit a 14-year high after the USDA sent out payments of approximately $16 billion in aid in 2019 and $12 billion in 2018. The two-year total of $28 billion paid to American farmers tops the auto-industry bailout following the 2008 financial crisis by billions.

But Trump is paying off those affected by his decisions, effectively buying their silence. “The sector that is hurt the most, and which would normally complain, all of a sudden it’s assuaged by these payments. To me, that’s a problem,” the USDA’s former chief economist Joe Glauber told NPR.

NPR goes on to report that, according to studies from independent economists, the government is subsidizing farmers by almost double their losses from “actual harm suffered from the trade war,” with larger farms reaping the biggest rewards — which, again, are coming from taxpayers.

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