Eddie Mauro Shows Leadership In Campaign To Defeat Joni Ernst

Eddie Mauro is a Des Moines Democrat working to unseat Sen. Joni Ernst in November. I do not believe he is the chosen one of the DSCC or the Iowa Democratic establishment to win the primary. But I like him because he is going after Ernst with a flair and is cleverly using her own campaign ads against her. He is making gun violence a major campaign theme. One of Ernst’s gun-glorifying ads in 2014, was utterly appalling and that’s exactly where Mauro struck first.

Watch the segment below where The Damage Report spoke with Mauro about his ad “Cool Under Fire,”  He is on message, hard hitting and doesn’t back down. He uses his time to also elaborate on the fact that Ernst has done nothing for Iowa in her first term and pointed out that she is one of the members of congress who received the most money from the NRA, over $3,124,773. Blog for Iowa posted awhile ago about Mauro’s ad and Joni’s reaction to it.

I appreciate Mauro’s willingness to go after her and not beat around the bush with conventional, lame talking points. He’s not messing around. He went on Fox News, took no crap, and by anyone’s standard won the exchange. That’s not easy to do. Most progressives who go on Fox just end up getting slapped around and talked over. That didn’t happen to Mauro. We need someone like that to defeat Ernst, who is the quintessential Iowa girl in the eyes of many, will have tons of dark money, and won’t go down easily even if she is under investigation for breaking campaign finance law.

Another thing, maybe small. I took a look at the other Democratic primary candidates’ campaign websites to make a comparison. Of the four, Theresa Greenfield, Michael Franken, Kimberly Graham and Mauro, Mauro’s website is the most professional with the most information. Greenfield and Franken each have only a video and short personal bio. on the page with sign-up and donation widgets. Neither has an issues page, events page, or anything else. It looks like nobody’s home.  Graham has a scaled down issues page, but only has bullet points for policy positions. Mauro has a full page of text for each issue, describing his views on climate, gun violence, criminal justice reform, health care, campaign finance, economy, retirement policy, poverty, reproductive rights and impeachment.

This  may seem like a small thing but I think it is important. The primary is only six months away.  If you want to be a U.S. Senator but you can’t be bothered to have your policy positions outlined and available to voters on your website maybe you’re not ready to run a campaign or hold office.

I don’t know who is favored to win this primary, but for my money so far, Mauro is the one showing campaign skill, competence and leadership.

Don’t believe me. Check out Joni’s reaction to his ad.  She seems to think so too.

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