Iowa Should Pass Net Neutrality Law

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Action alert from Fight for the Future: and Action Network

Bad news: the court upheld the majority of the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.1

Good news: the court also said the federal government can’t block states from passing their own net neutrality laws.

What this means: even though the FCC’s vastly unpopular repeal is still in effect nationally, we can still win back the open Internet, one state a time.

Sign the petition: I want my state to restore net neutrality!

We know we can do this because we have done it. Last year, we won a gold-standard net neutrality bill in California that can serve as a model for other states2—both legally and strategically. Supporters like you flooded California lawmakers with calls and messages and forced the state legislature to represent the will of the people, not Big Cable’s money. That’s how we won, and that’s how we’ll win going forward.

Forty-nine states may seem daunting, but if we win in a handful of market-heavy states we can stop the ISPs from rolling out throttling and fast lane schemes nationwide.

Tell your local lawmakers: pass a strong net neutrality bill like California!

For the Internet,
Evan at Fight for the Future


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Check out these Iowa initiatives:


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