Michael Moore Interview With Ari Melber

Michael Moore wins the Oscar for “Bowling for Columbine” 2003

A pet peeve I have is when Democrats slam other Democrats publicly. Okay, maybe I’ve done it once or twice on a very small scale.

I’m a big fan of Michael Moore, have read all of his books and have seen all of his movies. I think he has a brilliant mind.  I started paying less attention to him when he got into criticizing Democrats seemingly every time he got on the TV.  I wasn’t hopeful about this appearance before I decided to tune in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Michael had some advice for Biden and the Democrats, and delivered it in a way that was actually helpful, not in a way that only serves to make people overly cynical about Democrats.

Not that they are perfect.

Anyway, I recommend this 15 minute interview of Michel Moore by Ari Melber. It reminded me of the youthful Michael Moore with the creative energy and fighting spirit – the guy that wrote the hilarious Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation where he makes the case that men are no longer necessary, and the classic documentary, Roger and Me in which he chases down GM CEO Roger Smith for closing all of the auto plants in Flint, Michigan.

The segment with Ari is hopeful and what Michael said was not what I expected him to say.  There is a surprise super-fun ending you won’t want to miss if you are of a certain age.  Enjoy.

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1 Response to Michael Moore Interview With Ari Melber

  1. C.A. says:

    Thanks for providing this piece.

    As an aside, I hope there is a difference between slamming a Democrat publicly and politely pointing out when a Democratic official has taken a specific bad position on a certain issue. I was given the stink-eye by a couple of local Democrats years ago when I pointed out (very courteously, I might add), that certain Iowa congressmen were voting the wrong way on certain environmental issues, and that included the revered Neal Smith. In retrospect, considering the general state of our planet now, I wish I had (politely) said more.


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