Court Decides Against Trump FCC

In 2018, Free Press sued the Trump FCC for gutting longstanding rules designed to limit how much local media a given company can own. And this morning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit sided with us and our allies — and delivered a stinging rebuke to the Trump FCC.

The FCC’s big-media giveaway was a huge gift to corporations and the white men who own nearly all of our media — and a rejection of the agency’s job to boost ownership among women and people of color. So we joined forces with a number of public-interest allies (like Communications Workers of America and Media Mobilizing Project) to challenge the Trump FCC’s ruling in court.

Today, our hard work has paid off: The court has ruled in our favor and rejected the FCC’s decision to scrap rules that promote localism, diversity, and competition in broadcasting.

Today’s ruling admonishes the Trump FCC for its complete failure to consider the impact of its ownership policies on women and people of color. And it means that Trump’s FCC will no longer be able to gut critical protections without showing how media consolidation would impact local communities.

But it’s our job to make sure that the FCC takes action. We must pressure the agency to promote real ownership diversity. We can’t let giant companies like Nexstar, Fox and Sinclair devour even more local stations.

Chip in $10 — or whatever you can give — to fuel our fight to get the FCC to reject consolidation and promote diverse local media.

Thanks for all that you do,

Lucia, Dana, Jessica and the rest of the Free Press Action team

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