The Al Franken Comeback

They stuck a fork in him.  Can he rise from the dead?

Al Franken now has a website and a YouTube channel podcast.  He is scheduling public speaking engagements. Some are calling for him to run for office again, including Harry Reid who feels he got a bad deal when he was forced out of office by his own party.

The New Yorker did an investigative piece about sexual assault allegations against him, raising questions about the validity of the main accusation. Some of the accusers remain anonymous.

In announcing his resignation on Dec. 7,  Franken said that many of the allegations made against him in recent weeks were “simply not true.” Other instances, he said, he remembered “very differently.”

Seven senators who called for Franken to resign have come forward saying they regret acting so hastily against him, before hearing his side of the story. Al Franken said he regrets resigning his seat prior to a Senate Ethics Committee investigation (which he was calling for at the time).  Schumer threatened to strip him of his committees if he did not resign.

Democrats got sucker punched.  Coincidentally or not – I think not – the fact is, if it wasn’t for Senator Al Franken’s questioning of Jeff Sessions about Russia-gate, there would have been no Mueller investigation.

So we need you back, Al.  One way or another.

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