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Newman Abuissa. Photo Credit – University of Iowa Center for Human Rights

Editor’s Note: Newman Abuissa formally announced his candidacy to represent Iowa’s second district in the U.S. Congress at an event in Iowa City on Sunday, June 30. While Rita Hart is favored to win almost a year from the primary election, Abuissa is well known for his work with the Democratic Party and in the peace and justice community. Ed Flaherty, a long-time contributor to Blog for Iowa and a co-founder of the Iowa Chapters of Veterans for Peace supports Abuissa.

Support Abuissa for Congress
By Ed Flaherty

I support Newman Abuissa’s candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Newman was born in Syria, came to the U.S. as a young man, and has been an engineer with the Iowa Department of Transportation for 30 years.

He is a leader in his church, the Iowa City community, and the Iowa Democratic Party.

His candidacy is unique in several ways, all of which will help make him a strong member of the U.S. Congress. As an immigrant, he has a broader view of the world than most.

While he is very thankful for his home and U.S. citizenship, he is particularly disappointed in our country’s failures to live up to its potential. Friends and relatives of his remain in Syria, and his daily worries and thoughts about them help inform his passion.

Newman is unique in that he connects the dots between our huge military budget and the neglect of peaceful priorities. He sees that our endless wars create an awful reputation for the U.S. abroad.

He sees that green economic development here in Eastern Iowa is impeded by our tendency to equate strength with military might.

Please give Newman Abuissa your close consideration.

~ This post first appeared as a letter to the editor of the Iowa City Press Citizen

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  1. Glenn Leach says:

    Perhaps a difference between the two is the areas of emphasis. As a former teacher with many awards, long time farmer, and active in her church, Rita has a great focus on Iowa, education, and the health of rural Iowa. These were the features of her term as state senator. Rita too agrees that military might is not the essence of foreign policy, but rather the people. As a farmer, she is acutely aware of the role of agriculture internationally, both as a source of beneficial Iowa exports, but also as it impacts and is impacted by climate change in other countries with concurrent impact on migration and our supply of imported foods. She is aware of the changing face of food production in Iowa and the nation. I believe her view of international relations is holistic, seeing many threads. She is, in my experience, a voice, not an echo, and one that will speak strongly for Iowa.


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