Republican Party Is The Only Party Waging War Against Democracy

Bill Maher takes on the idea that both parties are the same.  “It’s the central fraudulent idea that allowed Donald Trump to get elected.”  This is important because many people take refuge in the idea that “both parties are the same” or “both parties are equally responsible.”  It allows them to stay above the fray (and not participate).   In the real world, blame is not always equally distributed.  Sometimes, probably most of the time, one side is more at fault or entirely at fault.  One side may  not be perfect, but there is usually an instigator that is causing the problems.  This Bill Maher segment encapsulates the truth of why it is so ridiculous to say that both parties are equally responsible for where we are now as a country.  And it’s funny, despite how much you don’t want to laugh.

“A war being waged against Democracy by only one side.”

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