Join Webinar To Learn About The Fight Against Factory Farms

Action alert from CCI:

Last week we sued the state of Iowa to clean up the people’s water. This week we’re hosting a webinar to fill you in on the details!

Join Iowa CCI, Food & Water Watch, our legal counsel from Public Justice to learn about our latest efforts to rein in the factory farm industry.

WEBINAR: Everyone Has a Right to Clean Water — Why We’re Taking Our Factory Farm Fight to the Courts

WHEN: Thursday, April 4, 7:00- 8:00 pm


During this one-hour webinar you will:

  • Get the quick backstory on how we got to this point,
  • Learn how this lawsuit can be a powerful tool in our larger campaign to say yes to clean water and no more factory farms,
  • Hear from our legal experts on the details of this case, and,
  • Get any of your questions answered!

We’re excited to offer this free opportunity to connect people across the state to who are ready to turn the tide for clean water and our quality of life!

RSVP now

Let’s win this clean water fight!

P.S. Join, donate, chip in now to support this legal action – let’s turn the tide for clean water!

P.P.S. Is this lawsuit news new to you? Here’s an article to catch up: Groups sue Iowa for farm pollution in Raccoon River

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