Commercial Dog Breeding Bill Survives First Funnel

Updated Iowa Puppy Mill Map March 2019

Legislative update and action alert from Iowa Voters for Companion Animals:

Fantastic news – the Commercial Dog Breeding Bill (HSB227) passed out of the House State Government Committee by a 20/2 vote!

This means the bill survived the first funnel with significant bipartisan support and is now eligible to be considered by the full House chamber! 

Significant hurdles passed, now a few more to go! 

We are extremely appreciative of Representative Bobby Kaufmann (R-Wilton) for sponsoring the bill, Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Marion) and Rep. Mary Mascher (D-Iowa City) for their initial and continued support of the bill, Rep. Ross Paustian (R-Walcott) for helping get the bill drafted, and each representative who has already voted YES!

Likewise, we are extremely grateful for each and every Iowan who reached out to their representative to alert them to this bill and encourage their initial support!


Iowa’s dogs and puppies need you to #BeTheirVoice today!

Iowa is currently home to the nation’s fourth largest commercial dog breeding industry, with more than 500 federally and state licensed commercial dog breeding and dealing facilities. Unfortunately, a lack of oversight, regulations, and enforcement has led to an industry rife with bad actors, or puppy mills. These puppy mills prioritize profit above animal welfare, resulting in inhumane conditions like those at the White Fire Kennel puppy mill case in Manly, Iowa. These puppy mills have tainted the entire industry, given all Iowa dog breeders a bad name, and led Iowa to be known as a leading puppy mill state. Such facilities also present significant consumer protection and human health concerns.

It is time Iowa addressed our puppy mill problem. The Commercial Dog Breeding Bill (HSB227) will require state oversight; improve standards of care to ensure all dogs and puppies are afforded proper food, water, housing, vet care, space, exercise, and socialization; improve transparency and accountability within the industry; and require consistent enforcement policies and actions.

Contact your representative and senator now to encourage them to vote YES on the Commercial Dog Breeding Bill (HSB227) to protect Iowa’s dogs and puppies, our state’s reputation and industry, and Iowans and our communities.

Thank you for always joining us to #BeTheirVoice.


Haley Anderson
Executive Director
Iowa Voters for Companion Animals

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