Democrats Roll Out 2020 Caucus Changes

Iowa City precinct caucus 2016 standing room only

The Iowa Democratic party is now accepting public comments on proposed caucus and delegate selection changes.  Click here to read the 65-page Delegate Selection Plan (DSP)  and to submit your comment.  The public comment period will end on March 13, 2019. 

Here’s the word from the IDP:

The 2020 Iowa Caucuses will be held on February 3rd, 2020. We are proud to be First in the Nation once again and we are excited to be a part of the presidential selection process.

Over the last three years, the Iowa Democratic Party has been reviewing ways to increase accessibility, transparency, and participation in Iowa’s Democratic Caucuses. The IDP has held thousands of hours of conversation from people across Iowa and across the country. These conversations have included volunteers, activists, party leaders, former campaign staffers, and political scientists. The results of these conversations have resulted in the most significant changes to the Iowa Caucuses since 1972.

We are confident that these proposed changes will make the Iowa Caucuses the most accessible, transparent, and successful caucuses ever.

Watch the video of IDP Chair Troy Price giving an overview of the changes.

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1 Response to Democrats Roll Out 2020 Caucus Changes

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    I read elsewhere that the real reason the Iowa caucuses are up for change is because of very strong pressure from the Democratic National Committee. If so, three huge cheers for the DNC. I still hope that someday, though I may not live to see it, Iowa will have primaries instead of caucuses. Given the number of Iowa Democrats I know who feel the same way, it might be interesting if a poll were taken.


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