Fox News Staffer “Pro-Trump Thing Isn’t Working”

From Media Matters for America –

Fox News in trouble: “The pro-Trump thing isn’t working”

Fox News is reportedly having trouble selling ads for Sean Hannity’s and Laura Ingraham’s shows. One Fox News staffer told Vanity Fair‘s Gabriel Sherman that “The pro-Trump thing isn’t working. We can’t monetize DACA and the wall and that right-wing shit.”

This follows an October 2017 report that Fox News’ ad revenue had dropped 17 percent, while revenue for its competitors had remained virtually unchanged.

The toxic conspiracy theories, the pro-Trump propaganda, the racism and sexism and bigotry, and the extreme measures to defend anything that comes out of the White House (including conspiracy theories, racism, sexism, and bigotry) make Fox News unsafe for most advertisers. And whether it’s Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham’s show, the core issue is that Fox News management, from the Murdochs on down, is not interested in fixing the problem.

Also: Once again, Fox News anchor Shep Smith has debunked a pro-Trump lie spread by Hannity. This same thing keeps happening.

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