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FYI, Iowa. Here’s an article posted in

When Dermot Hayes [Iowa State University professor and Pioneer Chair in Agribusiness] traveled to China last fall, he saw something eye-opening. Pork with the Smithfield Foods label was selling for twice what the local Chinese product was bringing.

Smithfield, which is owned by the Chinese company WH Group, is raising and killing pigs in the U.S. and shipping carcasses to China for processing and packaging in that country.

“He expects that once Prestage Foods of Iowa builds its new pork packing plant near Eagle Grove in 2018, a Chinese company will swoop in. They are looking for large private pork producers that have integrated into packing. It is more economical for China to import pork rather than corn or soybeans. It’s best to import the final product because of transportation costs. When they buy from Smithfield they buy at cost of production.”

It’s also best to import “the final product” because then China doesn’t get the air and water pollution and health problems that factory farms cause, we do.

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