Reminder: Protests To Save Net Neutrality December 7th

by Dave Bradley

5 minutes

See BFIA’s previous post on the upcoming protests

This is a reminder that net neutrality protests will be held across the country this Thursday. It is very important that there is a show of force to let congress know just how important internet neutrality is to the whole country. Bring a friend.

One of the least reported aspects of the whole internet neutrality issue is its use as an organizing and resistance tool. Anti-Trump, progressives and liberals are not the only groups using the internet. Neo-Nazis and the far right have been using the internet to organize for a long time now. With the new controls, corporations and the powers that be can decide which websites will be easy to access and which ones won’t.

Want to take a guess which websites won’t be easy to access? The very first thing that any dictatorship will do when it takes over a country is to take control of the means of communications. I learned that lesson as a young lad when Fidel Castro took over Cuba. Since then I have found this to be true in any takeover.

Taking over the media in this country just needs some trappings of legality, such as the Kochs purchasing TIME last week. The FCC couldn’t just hand the keys to the internet to the corporations or they would have. No, they need a show vote to make it seem all nice and legal. This will be followed by the media owned by those very same corporations singing praises for this move in an effort to make this anti-democratic coup seem “normal.”

At the very least call your local congress critter and your senators. I have heard that staffers are already sick of taking calls about the internet. Keep it up.

Finally let’s do a little experiment. Hold you hand in front of your face with an open palm pointed at your face.

Now let’s roll down one finger at a time as we count down ownership of the media by the corporations. First roll down your pinky for corporate control of magazines (did I mention the TIME deal?). Next roll down your ring finger for corporate control of radio. (Think Limbaugh and all the wannabe Limbaughs).

Next, roll down the middle finger for the corporate controlled newspapers (quick name one truly local paper in a town over 25,000. There ain’t many if any). Next comes the index finger for corporate control of television (think Sinclair just for starters). Now roll in the thumb for what’s about to happen to the internet.

Look at what you have! A fist ready to punch something. I think of that as the corporate fist punching the lights out of Democracy.

When the corporations get control of the internet, they will have control of all the means of communication. Surprise! How will they use this power? Just think of what a fist can do.

Protest in Iowa:

Des Moines Verizon Protest, Thursday, Dec 7 5:00pm at Verizon. 3714 Merle Hay Rd Des Moines

Protest outside Verizon store against the rollback of net neutrality protections. Thursday, Dec 7 4:30pm at Ames Verizon store. 806 S Duff

Protest outside Verizon store against the rollback of net neutrality protections. Thursday, Dec 7 4:00pm. Collins Ave. Verizon Store. 151 Collins Rd NE Cedar Rapids

Check here for updates:

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