Republicans: “Tax Cuts Must Be Followed By Structural Changes To Medicare And Social Security”

by Dave Bradley

25 minutes – Democrats tear Republican Tax Bill Apart

Let that sink in really deeply. Republicans want structural change to Social Security and Medicare. From Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida:

“I analyze this very differently than most,” Rubio said. “Many argue that you can’t cut taxes because it will drive up the deficit. But we have to do two things. We have to generate economic growth which generates revenue, while reducing spending. That will mean instituting structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.” He suggested reducing benefits and raising the retirement age for future retirees, so people can prepare for the changes. “Tax reform is the economic component of this equation,” Rubio said. “When more people are working, there are more taxpayers and more revenue, but that alone won’t be enough. You are still going to have a debt problem in the absence of spending cuts.”  LINK

Translated that means the concept of treating all older Americans the same will vanish. The two core programs that older Americans have depended on will be gone. While Rubio doesn’t say what the restructuring will consist of, Republicans have more than hinted at what they have in mind.

They plan to privatize Medicare using the same insurance companies that base your health decisions on their profits. While Republicans will claim that there will be no pre-existing conditions tests in this arrangement, be assured that like most things they will be lying about this one also.

One plan that has been floated would give each older American $5,000 to purchase INSURANCE on the open market. For an 80 year old person that should get him or her month, maybe two. Insurance companies have to protect their profits after all. What happens then is out of pocket and most likely also out of the pocket of their family, since filial responsibility laws (laws that say the children must pay) will most likely be part of that restructuring.

It isn’t too hard to contrast this Republican plan with the Democratic proposal of universal health care. This would be paid for by all, administered by a separate commission and provide health care for all either free or at a nominal fee. We wouldn’t have to create a new system, just adapt our current Medicare system to handle all citizens and also perhaps adopt some practices and protocols from other countries that have had success with universal health care for decades.

Remember that if Republican plans are adopted and you have a parent over 50 years of age, you had better fix up a room in your house for them or plan their funeral because they will either be broke or dead in a short amount of time. And living with them while they are alive won’t be any fun because they will be constantly belly aching about the pain they are in because they can’t see a doctor.

How about Social Security? I believe budget director (and now CFPB head also) Mick Mulvaney views those of us who are on Social Security as little more than parasites that are sucking the life out of the system, you can imagine that any empathy or sympathy for the elderly is somewhat lacking.

Most of the plans that I have seen floated turn Social Security into a type of welfare program. Instead of the everyone being treated the same, the elderly (maybe the disabled also) will have to prove they need “aid” just as if it were a welfare program. Once that is implemented you can bet the restrictions will get tighter and the payments less. Just exactly what has happened to anything that is even remotely welfare.

As if that weren’t enough the federal government would no longer administer the program which they currently do very well for a very low fee. Instead the Republicans plan to turn the administration over to companies that will charge high fees. This will dramatically cut into funds available for elderly which will in turn result in more restrictions on recipients and lower payments.

And of course those administering the program will invest in Wall Street (essentially gambling with your money) which in turn will generate more fees and more cutbacks.

Once again, if you have parents over 50, you’d better prepare a room for them to live in and plan their funeral because they will soon be broke or dead in a short time under this plan.

It isn’t hard to contrast Republican plans to those that Democrats have. Just look at what we have now – a well administered plan that is funded fully for the next 15 years or so and funded at at least 80% for many years thereafter. By extending the SS tax beyond the current income limit, Social Security could be funded long into the future with a raise in payouts.

If you haven’t regretted voting Republican yet, think long and hard about what this mean in your family. This is what full Republican control of government means. They won’t stop abortion and they won’t kill every terrorist, but I can guarantee they will make your life harder and more miserable for you and your family. How do I know this? It is what they have done since 1880.

You vote next fall can help turn this around.

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  1. Greg Cusack says:

    Your observations and conclusions are right on the money! Unfortunately! The combined EVIL of this is almost beyond comprehension. Welfare for the rich and a drone-like existence for the rest of us. How any human being could see this is a worthy and just “answer” is beyond me.


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