Sunday Funday: “I Can’t Recall” Thanksgiving Edition

Robert Reich Resistance Report (22 minutes) weekly video:

 Imagine preparations for Thanksgiving at the home of AG Jeff Sessions.

“Did you get the turkey, Jeff?”

“I can’t recall.”

“How about the potatoes, did you get them?”

“I can’t recall.”

“Did you call the kids and tell them when to come over?”

“I – uh – I don’t remember.”

“Did you rent the hall so we will have a place to eat?”

“Why can’t you give me an answer on ANYTHING,  Jeff?”

“I did give you answers. Is it my fault they aren’t the answers you want to hear?”

We wish the Sessions and all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, once again I know of few people who can keep up.

1) How many teenage girls had Alabama senate candidate Doug Jones allegedly sexually abused as of Friday?

2) Speaking of AG Sessions, he is considering appointing another special prosecutor to investigate crimes by whom?

3) What other country beside the US celebrates Thanksgiving?

4) Considering the allegations of sexual impropriety against Al Franken, Senator Lindsey Graham said it was what?

5) In Iowa who is refusing to release the results of an investigation into the sexual harassment of a staffer for the Senate Republican Caucus?

6) November 19,1863. Pres. Abraham Lincoln delivers what two minute speech that garners little notice on that day?

7) The Republican Tax Cut Bill passed the house Thursday. How did Iowa’s delegation vote?

8) The latest sports championship team to refuse an invitation to the White House is what women’s team?

9) Right wingers were smashing what appliance across the country after the company pulled their ads from the Sean Hannity Show?

10) Our current president refused to broach this issue with Philippine President Dutarte, but Canadian PM Trudeau did. What issue?

11) When he was an Assistant DA in Gadsden County, Al., Roy Moore was banned from what public area?

12) GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) named who as their 2017 “man of the year”?

13) The jury in the corruption trial of Senator Menendez of NJ came up with what ruling in this case?

14) Janet Peterson is calling for the release of the investigation into the sexual harassment by the Republican Senate Caucus in Iowa. Who is Janet Peterson?

15) What character was the first balloon character in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

16) A major earthquake killing over 400 was located on the border between what two countries?

17) The mail-in referendum on same sex marriage is over in Australia. Which side won with over 60% approval?

18) The nominee as secretary of HHS was formerly the head of what drug company?

19) November 21, 1877 (140 years ago) who announced the invention of his “talking machine”?

20) The current administration lifted a ban on bringing what trophies to the United States?

Remember when you call Grassley and Ernst to oppose the tax bill that Trump has yet to release his tax returns.


1) 0 – his opponent Roy Moore though has at least 9 allegations against him.

2) Hillary Clinton – what a surprise!

3) Canada – on the 2nd Monday of October (our Columbus Day)

4) If he thought he was doing something wrong would he have taken a picture?

5) Republican Senate Leader Bill Dix

6) the Gettysburg Address

7) Loesack, no. Blum, King and Young voted for the rich.

8) NCAA women’s basketball champion South Carolina

9) Kuerig coffee makers

10) human rights violations in the Philippines

11) the local shopping mall

12) Colin Kaepernick

13) deadlocked

14) The new leader of Iowa’s senate Democrats

15) Felix the Cat

16) Iran and Iraq

17) Same sex marriage was given the OK

18) Ely Lilly

19) Thomas Edison- the talking machine is now known as the phonograph

20) elephant heads that trophy hunters cut off when they slaughter an elephant (like the Trump kids)

John Fugelsang: If you want to turn away Syrian Refugees because you’re Christian and they’re Muslim, just know that you got the ‘they’re Muslim’ part right.”

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