Third District Candidate Austin Frerick Calls On Greenfield And Young To Oppose Bayer-Monsanto Merger

And now a word from Austin Frerick, candidate for U.S. Congress in Iowa’s third district.  Sign up for Austin’s Rurally Good Newsletter here.  Unlike many campaign mailings, Austin’s communications are not silly, patronizing, political red meat presented as a pretext to ask for money.  They inform and educate the reader on the issues and the facts.  Even if you do not live in Iowa’s third district, be inspired by this campaign.


The New Freedom

President Woodrow Wilson wrote The New Freedom 104 years ago.
In it, he argued that monopolies had too great an influence on government.
His words are still relevant today.

“One of the most significant signs of the new social era is the degree to which government has become associated with business. I speak, for the moment, of the control over the government exercised by Big Business. Behind the whole subject, of course, is the truth that, in the new order, government and business must be associated closely. But that association is at present of a nature absolutely intolerable; the precedence is wrong, the association is upside down. Our government has been for the past few years under the control of heads of great allied corporations with special interests. It has not controlled these interests and assigned them a proper place in the whole system of business; it has submitted itself to their control.”

I saw the influence of special interests when I was a tax economist for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It’s what made me want to get into this race. We’ve known that our campaign would face powerful actors. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when. This summer, our opposition to the Monsanto-Bayer merger was disparaged by a strategist with ties to the Koch brothers. Now the financial influence of Big Business is creeping into our Congressional race.

According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Monsanto is supporting both Republican and Democratic candidates for Iowa’s Third District Representative. A Monsanto PAC has maxed out its contributions to Republican incumbent David Young with a $5,000 donation. And a major Monsanto lobbyist has maxed out its primary contributions to Democrat Theresa Greenfield with a $2,700 check.

Who is going to look out for the farmer who’s facing rising seed costs when an incumbent congressman is beholden to Monsanto’s political action committee and a fellow Democratic candidate is getting campaign contributions from one of Monsanto’s biggest lobbyists?

Neither Representative Young nor candidate Greenfield has opposed the merger of agricultural giant Monsanto and German conglomerate Bayer, as Bayer-Monsanto seeks to become the world’s largest seed company. I call on both Theresa Greenfield and Representative Young to return these contributions and oppose this merger. You simply cannot be for rural Iowa and family farms if you take this money.

Unlike Representative Young, we are not accepting campaign donations from corporations. His average donation is $1,673. Ours is $63.

We will continue to oppose the patterns of corruption that President Wilson wrote about in The New Freedom. Join our campaign. Give your time, your talents, and your hard-earned money so that our voices can rise up against corporate-controlled incumbents like David Young.

In Solidarity,

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. Your contributions are incredibly meaningful. If you haven’t chipped in, donate $63 or $6.30 today.

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