Sunday Funday: Labor Day Edition

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Labor Day 2017. Let there be no doubt that organized labor in the United States is seen as an enemy of the United States by the current administration. But fortunately for them they don’t have to do the heavy lifting in attacking labor these days. A group called the State Policy Network is doing most of the major lifting at the state level.

They are the designers of laws like the one passed last year by the Iowa legislature. Breaking public unions is the last big target of the wealthy. Once public unions are gone that will pretty much be the end of unions in the US. One of the major functions of unions is to counterbalance the power of wealth and corporations in society and government. Without the organized countering of the unions, corporations and wealth have little standing in their way in shaping society to feed their whims.

It is so sad that so many working people fell for the lies of the wealthy and voted for the likes of Donald Trump. Let us hope we all understand what happened in 2016 and work hard to correct it in 2018.

Use this Labor Day to remember Labor’s past and to resolve to help return America to some balance.

It is nearly impossible to keep up these days!

1) Old Chuck Grassley is trying to throw some shade for the current president. Grassley asked for James Comey’s records of the FBI investigation on who Thursday?

2) Speaking of Grassley, with Trump, Jr. about to testify before his (Grassley’s) committee, what did the current president call Grassley about on Wednesday?

3) Robert Mueller countered an implied threat that the current president would use his pardoning power to stop Mueller’s investigation by saying he (Mueller) would work in conjunction with what other investigation?

4) A policeman in Cobb County Georgia tried to defuse a situation by assuring the female motorist that “We only kill” who?

5) The incident in question #4 is just coming to light now, but it actually took place just a couple of days after what nationally covered incident in the Twin Cities?

6) What Democratic senator drew gasps and boos during a speech when she suggested that the current president might evolve into “a good president?”

7) Apple’s deal with Iowa government units resulting in over $200 million in “sweeteners” makes the cost of each job Apple will bring to Iowa cost taxpayers about how much per job?

8) As Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, Texas senators Cruz and Cornyn were reminded that they fought against relief funds after what 2012 hurricane?

9) Sept. 1, 1939 – the world is stunned as what begins?

10) Even as Texans were being battered by Hurricane Harvey, a Republican bill called for moving $1 billion away from what disaster agency for the construction of the Mexican border wall?

11) Mick Mulvaney bragged last week that he tricked the current president into calling for cuts to SS Disability by telling the president that it was what?

12) What nationally known Houston preacher has received major negative press for not opening his giant church as a refuge from the hurricane?

13) The current president said he timed the announcement of a pardon for Joe Arpaio to get cover from what other major story?

14) While America was consumed with coverage of Hurricane Harvey, what country shot a missile over Japan?

15) A board was appointed this week in Iowa to advise on the implementation of medical use of what substance in Iowa?

16) The merger between what two huge chemical companies (also big in agricultural chemicals) was completed Friday?

17) The administration plans to roll back a previous administration’s policy that limited access to what by local police forces?

18) Two women dressed as what tried to rob a a bank in Tannersville, Pa. Monday?

19) As Hurricane Harvey finally dissipates, Hurricane what may be heading for the US east coast?

20) Two men failed in their attempt to rob a bar where a retirement party was in full swing for a retiring what?

And now Mr. John Fugelsang:  “It’s not the deplorables that worry me, it’s the gullibles


1) Hillary Clinton of course. Get a clue you old fossil.

2) Ethanol – what a great time to think about ethanol, just as Junior is about to testify

3) The New York state investigations and AG Eric Schneiderman. Trump can’t pardon state crimes, only federal

4) black people

5) The shooting of Philando Castile as he reached for his wallet by police

6) Diane Feinstein

7) about $4million/ job for 50 jobs

8) Hurricane Sandy

9) Germany invades Poland

10) FEMA

11) welfare

12) Joel Osteen

13) Hurricane Harvey

14) North Korea

15) medical cannabis

16) Dow and DuPont

17) used military equipment

18) nuns

19) Irma

20) policeman – yep the bar was full of cops in Baltimore.

Be sure to help out the victims of Harvey.

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