Sunday Funday: Special Prayer Edition

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Dear Lord,

We believe that our president has offended you grievously by supporting those who would hurt your children.

Lord, we need a sign from you. If our president has offended you by his actions, please give our country a sign by blotting the sun from the sky tomorrow when it is high.

This will be a sign from you O Lord, that our president has no favor with you.

We pray for your sign. AMEN ——–

What the hell happened last week?

1) The press ‘conference’ where the current president claimed the false equivalency of both sides was held at what venue?

2) Landslides caused by torrential rains have left at least 600 missing in what west African country?

3) In Namibia a big game hunter was killed by what animal he was targeting?

4) To top off the racist inspired events of the week, the current president told Fox News that he was considering pardoning what nationally known former sheriff?

5) Reminiscent of police state tactics, the DOJ this week requested information on 1.3 million visitors to what?

6) The CEO of Merck was publicly ridiculed by the current president after the CEO did what?

7) Descendants of what southern Civil War leader(s) called for the removal of the remaining monuments of the rebellion?

8) Pakistani Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai announced she would be studying at what university this fall?

9) Another vehicle ramming into a crowd terrorist attack happened Thursday in what major European city?

10) Sort of defying a ban on removing Confederate statues, what major southern city instead covered them with plywood encasements?

11) What senior administration official cut short a visit to South America to come back and support the current president?

12) Obama was a lefty Democratic president born in August. What other lefty Democratic president celebrated a birthday yesterday?

13) The ACLU announced it will no longer defend what kind of protest groups?

14) The mother of Heather Heyer has said that she will not talk to who?

15) One Democrat dropped out of the gubernatorial race in Iowa and one entered. Can you name them?

16) Twinkle, twinkle little star. What amazingly durable space craft was launched 40 years ago today?

17) Let Mikey try it! What food was found to be still edible when discovered after 106 years at Antarctica?

18) When members of the president’s Art Council resigned en masse this week, the resignation letter had what hidden message spelled out using the first letters of each paragraph?

19) Scoop o’clock on Friday came early this week. What top administration official resigned shortly after noon EDT Friday?

20) Hundreds, maybe thousands, turned themselves into the sheriff in Durham, NC claiming to have done what?

The Atlanta Falcons‘ new billion-dollar stadium features a Chick-fil-A, but if you’re planning to attend a Falcons home game during the upcoming season, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to eat there. That’s because the Chick-fil-A won’t even be open.


1) Trump Tower in NYC

2) Sierra Leone

3) An elephant who stomped him to death

4) Joe Arpaio. Trump has an event in Phoenix Tuesday night and some expect him to pardon Arpaio there.

5) a website that organized inauguration protests. The DOJ has subpoenaed records from web hosting service Dreamhost

6) resigned from the president’s Business Advisory Board over the Charlottesville response.

7) Stonewall Jackson’s descendants have been the most visible, but descendants of Jefferson Davis have also called for removal.

8) Oxford in England. A Nobel before going to college – wow.

9) Barcelona

10) Birmingham, Ala.

11) VP Pence

12) Bill Clinton. Yep, both are left handed

13) those carrying weapons

14) the current president

15) Todd Prichard dropped out and Ross Wilburn former mayor of Iowa City jumped in.

16) Voyager 2. It has traveled well over 10 billion miles since launch and is now out of the sun’s gravity (heliosphere)

17) a fruitcake

18) RESIST – letter can be seen here

19) Steve Bannon

20) tore down a confederate memorial statue in Durham.

John Fugelsang responding to the Trump tweet that said Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments.

Except it’s not our country.   They quit USA; threw out our constitution.  The kid you paid to take that test for you should’ve mentioned it

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