Sunday Funday: Bellicose, Blustering Buffoon Edition

Here is a little something from many of our pasts. The administration wants to return to the 1950s in so many ways. Here is one that seems appropriate for what’s going on today. 9 minutes of memories. Sorry we couldn’t get the film strip version:

As we used to say back in those days “get on your knees under you desk, tuck your head under hands, stretch back and kiss your ass goodbye.”

Once again, it is nearly impossible to keep up. While the current president is taking a vacation and apparently playing some odd sort of video games with a fellow in North Korea, the special prosecutor seems to be working overtime.

1) What former king of cable news is preparing to reappear in an interview with Michael Smerconish on CNN?

2) North Korea has threatened to launch a nuclear weapon attack on Guam. How long will it take for a missile launched from North Korea to reach Guam?

3) Tomorrow, August 14th is memorable for two major events in history. August 14th, 1945 what major event took place?

4) Ten years earlier, August 14th 1935, FDR signed what bill that has had significant impact on older Americans?

5) Profiting from the presidency! The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC turned how much of a profit in the first 4 months of 2017?

6) The current administration is pushing hard to change a rule that will take away what right from citizens in nursing homes?

7) National emergencies are usually reserved for short term crises like ebola. What did the administration declare to be an emergency last week?

8) The US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership has hit what US industry especially hard?

9) It has been over a week since a terror attack took place on a place of worship in Bloomington, Mn. yet what American leader has yet to acknowledge the attack?

10) What major midwest city is suing the administration over imposition of sanctions because the city is a sanctuary city?

11) Senate leader Mitch McConnell and the current president are engaged in some sort of pissing match on twitter. What cabinet member is related to McConnell?

12) A report on what major issue was published in the NY Times before the administration could quash it?

13) The Dep’t of Agriculture has banned the use of what phrase requiring that the term “weather extremes” be used in its place?

14) Maui wowee! What state is beginning the sale of medical marijuana this week?

15) Great news! Who won the special election in Iowa House District 82 to replace the late Curt Hanson?

16) Europe has been suffering through an extreme heat wave this past week. What devilish name has been given to this heat wave?

17) Famed singer and musician Glen Campbell died last week from complications of what disease?

18) An engineer for what major tech company was fired last week for writing a memo stating that women were “biologically less likely to succeed in technology”?

19) It was announced last week that the FBI had conducted a pre-dawn raid on the home of what former presidential campaign chair in July?

20) What other right wing international leader is the focus of a corruption investigation in his country?

John Fugelsang on Twitter: ““Locked and Loaded” means that either Robert Mueller or the penis-enlargement research community better hurry up quick.


1) Bill O’Reilly or as Colbert used to call him “daddy bear”

2) 14 minutes

3) the surrender of Japan to end WWII

4) the Social Security Act

5) $2 million

6) the right to sue.

7) Opiods

8) farming

9) the current president

10) Chicago

11) McConnell is married to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chou

12) climate change

13) climate change

14) Hawaii

15) Dr. Phil Miller

16) Lucifer

17) Alzheimer’s

18) Google

19) Paul Manafort

20) Netanyahu in Israel. He was even heard to call reports “fake news.”

Astrologists note that the current president was born during a total eclipse. Thus they are warning that the total eclipse next Monday (8/21) could spell trouble for the country. React as your education on such things has taught you.

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