Beware The False Narrative About Trump Voters

There are a number of Trump voters who will never change their minds.  But not all Trump voters are equal. Many are changing their minds.  This trend can only grow because if anything is certain, that Trump will continue to be Trump is a certainty.

“Polling shows 1 in 8 Trump voters are having 2nd thoughts…polling shows the surge counties Trump won by 36 points – his net approval there is now just 16 points. Polling shows the flip counties Trump won by 8 points – his approval is gone there. His net disapproval is now 7 points there. The result of that – Trump might have actually been bordering on reality when he tweeted this last Sunday: “It’s very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back do very little to protect their President.”  Watch the video.


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