Sunday Funday: Let’s Do It Again

The way I see it Republicans are working up to some legislative terrorism right now. They don’t scare people to death or drive into crowds with vans. What they do is make things that people need to live unattainable such as health care or food or good paying jobs. While it is not an overt action, it is covert, stealthy and effective. And much like violent terrorism it is meant to maintain control over a population who fear the consequences of not following the dictates of the terrorist group.

With access to health care available to all, people will leave their jobs and start businesses maybe even move to another state. Without such access, people stay in jobs they hate for fear that they may get ill and need the employer provided health care that they themselves could not afford on their own. Creates real freedom for employers and a serf situation for the employee.

Once again it was hard to keep up with the whirlwind.Capitalists

1) After having their problems with CBO scoring of their health care plan, some Republican senators say they may opt for what kind of a scoring?

2) In a really strange move, Sen. Grassley is trying to shift blame for Trump Jr’s. meetings to whom?

3) In another strange move, Congressman Steve King threatened more hearings on what if Democrats do not back off the Trump-Russia investigations?

4) Who released the smoking gun emails that seem to connect Trump Jr. to illegal campaign activities with Russian operatives?

5) Despite scheduling a town hall on short notice and for early in the morning, Sen. Ernst was greeted by many unhappy Iowans in what town that should have been friendly to her?

6) In a survey by 73% of Democrats said they would give up alcohol if what were to happen?

7) Despite Republican stories to the contrary, a survey by HHS and another by the Kaiser Foundation both found that what is “stabilizing and will have its best year ever?”

8) In the ongoing Republican budget mess in Iowa, Gov. Reynolds announced what actions last week to balance the budget?

9) July 14th is what major holiday in France?

10) Peter Smith, Republican operative involved in the Trump-Russian affair, committed suicide May 14th 10 days after giving his story to what newspaper?

11) July 20th, 1969. Who took “One giant step for mankind?”

12) An amendment to the Republican health care act by what Republican senator would allow the sale of policies that cover little?

13) In Florida, 80 beach goers formed a human chain to save a 9 swimmers that had been swept out to sea by what?

14) Hearings were held this week for what nominee to replace James Comey at the FBI?

15) What congressman who was the victim of an attack at a softball practice had his condition upgraded from serious to fair condition?

16) What Republican challenger in the Iowa gubernatorial race announce he had raised $800,000 for his race in just three weeks?

17) The yearly study by the Social Security Trustees shows that SS is currently very strong and able to pay all obligations through what year?

18) This week it was revealed that as a crisis developed around Qatar what administration official had been turned down for a $500 million loan by Qatar?

19) Transparency. The current president said he would like what future project to be transparent “so we can see the large sacks of drugs being thrown over?”

20) Olympics were awarded for 2024 and 2028 to what two cities provided these two sites can decide between them which city gets which year?

Jimmy Carter was hospitalized for dehydration Thursday when he collapsed at a Habitat for Humanity worksite. Carter will be 93 on October 1st. 93 and he is still out there helping people.


1) they will use “alternative” scoring. Sounds very fishy

2) Pres. Obama claiming his administration allowed the Russians to come into th US where they then led Donny astray.

3) Hillary Clinton’s emails.

4) Trump, Jr. – the gun is smoking after shooting himself in the foot.

5) Harlan

6) Trump were impeached. Imagine, celebrating by not drinking?

7) the ACA or Obamacare

8) she is beginning layoffs

9) Bastille Day

10) Wall Street Journal

11) Neil Armstrong. Were you watching?

12) Ted Cruz

13) a rip tide

14) Christopher Wray

15) Steve Scalise

16) CR mayor Ron Corbett

17) 2034

18) Jared Kushner

19) his border wall against Mexico

20) Los Angeles and Paris. They must decide between themselves by Sept. 13

In Oskaloosa Wednesday an atheist gave the invocation before the city council meeting. A local reporter told the atheist that there had been a death threat against him if he gave the invocation. How tolerant.


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