Tell Governor Reynolds: Restore Overtime Pay

AFSCME Council 61 Action Center

Action alert from AFSCME

Do you get paid for working?
Of course!..

With dismantling collective bargaining in Iowa for public employees, Acting Governor Reynolds and her administration have reclassified over 160 positions of state workers to avoid paying overtime effective July 1st.

Nurses, Safety Inspectors, Social Workers, Income Maintenance Workers, and the list goes on and on.
Mandatory Overtime is one thing.
Mandatory UNPAID overtime is another.
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Allison Ritchie, President
AFSCME Local 3011AFSCME Council 61

PETITION ALERT: On July 2, 2017, the State of Iowa took away overtime eligibility for employees who, under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement, were eligibile to be compensated for their work over 40 hours in a work week.Over 160 job classifications are impacted by this below the belt move. One of the largest sectors of targeted job classifications are in patient care positions. If our nurses and other patient care professionals are being forced to work overtime (as they often are) and not being paid for it, the quality of care for our veterans and others who rely on their expert care will suffer.

Our hardworking public employees deserve better, and the Iowans who rely on quality public services deserve better, too.
We are calling on Governor Reynolds and Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Director Janet Phipps to do the right thing and restore the overtime eligibility of every single job classification that was stripped away on July 2nd.
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