Sunday Funday: No Room At The Inn Edition

2.5 minutes

The parallels between our current president and the founder of one of the world’s great religions took another step forward when the current president was turned away by innkeepers in Hamburg as he sought to find a place to stay when he was in a strange city due to someone else’s orders. As with the savior, the current president was also turned away. Not sure about this, but in both cases innkeepers may have wanted to keep their bedding free of pee.

Things seem to have slowed a bit last week. Thanks to a holiday in the middle of the week.

1) The current president’s rage at CNN could possibly play into blocking a merger between what two mega media giants?

2) Unexpectedly what Kansas senator revealed he was against the Republican health care bill a couple of weeks ago?

3) What small town in Iowa had its downtown destroyed in a fire on the fourth of July?

4) Tax revenue shortfalls may cause Gov. Reynolds to dip into the emergency fund. How much is she authorized to transfer without legislative approval?

5) The administration’s bogus voter fraud commission has received refusals from how many states for all the information they asked for?

6) Two of the states that refused to give the voter fraud commission information were those of the commission’s chair and vice-chair. Who are they and what are their states?

7) Hardly anything compared to what happens here, but Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s failure to mention what province in a speech caused quite a stir north of the border?

8) The current president once again caused a great reaction when he retweeted a video showing him wrestling a person with what logo over his face?

9) NJ Gov. Chris Christie went where no one else could go over the holiday weekend. Where was that?

10) Another brick was put in the wall of the Russian interference investigation when two intermediaries between the Russians and what Trump operative were identified?

11) July 6, 1957 – 60 years ago last Thursday – two boys met in Liverpool. Their partnership would go on change entertainment history. Who were these boys?

12) At the G-20 conference in Hamburg the current president restated his position that who will pay for the proposed international border wall with Mexico?

13) In what has to be the height of irony and arrogance, the current president will be visiting France on what French holiday?

14) In Missouri, the legislature voted to lower the minimum wage in what city from $10 to $7.70?

15) Rendering the Declaration of Independence on twitter garnered what media entity an outpouring of hate response?

16) A Louisiana politician got some well deserved criticism when he posted a selfie video that he filmed where?

17) What auto company announced it would be getting out of gas and diesel engines beginning in 2019?

18) What major Christian company settled with the DOJ on charges that they smuggled thousands of ancient artifacts from Iraq?

19) What world renowned scientists said last week that Trump’s actions on climate may have pushed the earth over the edge where global warming is irreversible?

20) Poland created cheering crowds for our current president by doing what?

Who could have predicted that electing a game show host with a string of business disasters and a glaring personality disorder would turn out so badly? Andy Borowitz.


1) AT&T and Time-Warner

2) Jerry Moran

3) Melcher-Dallas

4) $50 million

5) Well they only got 3 to fully comply – so 47

6) Chair – Mike pence of Indiana, vice-chair Kris Kobach of Kansas

7) Alberta

8) CNN

9) on to state beaches closed by a budget impasse

10) Michael Flynn

11) John Lennon and Paul McCartney

12) Mexico

13) Bastille Day – look it up if you need to understand the irony

14) St. Louis. Shades of iowa’s lousy law.

15) NPR. Many on the right thought it was a commentary on the current president

16) inside a former gas chamber at Auschwitz

17) Volvo

18) Hobby Lobby

19) Stephen Hawking

20) busing in people from the countryside.

See you next week!

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