Sunday Funday: Fair And Balanced Edition

Image (2) fox-news-150x150.jpg for post 23894Fox News has dropped its “Fair and Balanced “ slogan. It seems the slogan is more a victim of the purge of the Roger Ailes stench than it is that they are finally recognizing what a joke it was

I was hoping there would be a contest for a new slogan. I have come up with one based on reality and supported by study after study: “Get Fox and Get Stupid.”

Meanwhile, NBC News will take a shot at ending their credibility tonight when they have former Fox icon Megyn Kelly interview alternate reality dude (and Sandy Hook denier) Alex Jones. For those who like death scenes, seeing NBC News have a collective heart attack could be “must see TV.”

I can’t even keep up with the news anymore. Can you?

1) Whole Foods got swallowed up by what mega-corporation Friday?

2) Here’s a surprise! What two huge agriculture related corporations were approved for merger by the Justice Department Friday?

3) Gov. Reynolds announce what action to solve Iowa’s continuing major revenue shortfalls?

4) Forty-five years ago yesterday five men were arrested committing burglary at what little know hotel in Washington DC?

5) Once again what female senator dare ask questions in a committee hearing, only to be interrupted by John McCain asking for her to be reprimanded?

6) Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski assured Alaskans she is committed to funding what group hated by the GOP in a health care bill?

7) Republican senate leadership tried to stop interviews of all senators in what location only to have it backfire?

8) Last weekend marches were held around the country to protest Sharia Law in the US. How many states currently have Sharia Law?

9) Steve Scalise, the congress member injured in the gun attack Wednesday, represents what state?

10) Iowa Gov. Reynolds was sued by a group of disabled Iowans concerning state policies on what?

11) Which team won the NBA title and then unanimously rejected any visit to the White House?

12) Senator Angus King of Maine had a rough Q&A with Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions. What party is Senator King?

13) Australia’s PM Malcolm Turnbull was caught on tape making fun of what other pompous world leader?

14) North Korea released American student Otto Warmbier last week. Warmbier was reported in a coma after a time in North Korean prison. Why was Warmbier in North Korea to begin with?

15) A month ago, Newt Gingrich said this man was perfect for the job. By last Tuesday Gingrich claimed the man was a partisan and unfit for the job. Who is the man and what is his job?

16) There is a special election this Tuesday to fill whose seat left vacant by a cabinet appointment?

17) This week in the US (Friday 6/09/2017 – Friday 6/16/2017) there were how many mass shooting in the US?

18) A high rise apartment fire killed at 17 with many more expected in what major world capital?

19) June 24th, 1948 began one of the hottest parts of the cold war when the Soviet Union imposed what?

20) Helmut Kohl, former German chancellor died Friday. It was under his leadership that what major project took place in Germany?

A belated Happy Juneteenth (June 15th) to everyone! If you don’t know what it is you really need to look it up!


1) Amazon {chomp, chomp}

2) Dow and DuPont – that should spur competition!

3) She will tap the emergency funds. Used to be emergency funds were for emergencies not to cover screw-ups. Branstad left her holding the bag, didn’t he?

4) Watergate

5) Sen. Kamala Harris of California

6) Planned Parenthood

7) In the hallways where reporters often interview senators.

8) none, nor does the federal government. It was a march to oppose some monster in the closet.

9) Louisiana

10) privatizing Medicaid which they say has drastically affected their lives. Branstad left he holding the bag on that one also.

11) Golden State Warriors

12) he is an independent

13) our current president

14) he went on tour with a company that advertises trips to places “your mother wants you to stay away from.”

15) Robert Mueller heading up the investigation of Russian interference in our elections.

16) former Georgia rep. Tom Price. The election uses unverifiable touchscreen voting machines.

17) 12 – see here

18) London

19) a blockade on West Berlin which at the time was deep in Soviet controlled East Germany – countered with the Berlin airlift

20) The reunification of Germany after the fall of the Soviet bloc.

Flying over Iowa in a private jet doesn’t allow our governor to appreciate the washboard quality of many of our roads. We have had several encounters with them this week. Looks like Branstad left Reynolds holding the bag on that one also. Way to dump on her, Branny!

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