Sunday Funday: Hiding In The Bushes Edition

Republicans hiding in the bushes to avoid something they fear with their lives is an old tradition. Here we see presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann hiding from gays in 2008.

bachmann hiding in the bushes

arrows point to the presidential candidate and her husband

Below we have another instance

Were you paying attention? What a week!

1) The rest of the world heard this guy was fired, but the chyron on Fox News insisted who quit his job Tuesday?

2) While Democrats were concerned about possible collusion with a foreign power in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Monday, Republicans focused on what?

3) Much of the media coverage of Tuesday blockbuster news compared it to Nixon’s “Saturday night massacre.” What was the objective of the Saturday night massacre?

4) Following the high drama of Tuesday, the current president met with representatives from what country?

5) The initial FCC vote to gut net neutrality takes place on what day this week?

6) Forty-five years ago tomorrow – May 15, 1972, an assassination attempt failed on what presidential candidate?

7) The annual confluence of religion and politics in Iowa known as the Family Leadership Summit announced it headline liar this year will be who?

8) In a bizarre scene, what Iowa congress critter walked out on a local news interview after a relatively mild question?

9) Education Secretary Betsy DeVos got a more than chilly reception when she gave a commencement address at what university?

10) May 17, 1954 the Supreme Court handed down a momentous decision in Brown v. Board that reversed the ruling in what previous SCOTUS case from 1896?

11) The sister of what influential presidential advisor was caught in Beijing shilling cash-for-visa schemes where a foreigner could get US residency for an investment of $500,000?

12) While eyes were focused on DC Tuesday a potential major nuclear catastrophe took place in what state?

13) The current president said there were 5 million of them in the last election. Thursday he signed an EO to find what election related people?

14) Trump’s Taj Mahal, the cornerstone of the Trump gambling business, was sold Thursday for what percentage of what it cost to build?

15) Seven years ago a young soldier who leaked classified information was all over the news. Next Wednesday this now woman will be released from prison thanks to a pardon from Pres. Obama. Who is this person?

16) In another chilling manifestation of the relation between the press and the administration, reporter Dan Heyman asked HHS Secretary Tom Price a question and then what happened?

17) Which government agency fired half of its science review board members Monday?

18) The new battle of New Orleans? The monument to what Confederate leader was removed very early Thursday to avoid protests in New Orleans?

19) What major health insurance company announced it will exit the ACA health insurance exchanges in 2018?

20) Reports surfacing late Thursday said that the current president during a dinner with then FBI Director James Comey asked Director Comey for what?

21) The interim White House spokesperson – Sara Sanders – is the daughter of what formerly prominent politician?

Possibly the oddest moment of the week occurred when normal White House spokesman Sean Spicer hid in the bushes at the White House to avoid the press.


1) FBI Director James Comey

2) who leaked information on the investigations to reporters

3) Nixon wanted special prosecutor Archibald Cox fired, but couldn’t do it himself.

4) Russia (can’t make this stuff up)

5) May 18th (Thursday)

6) George Wallace of Alabama

7) Kelly Ann Conway

8) first district congressman Rod Blum

9) Bethune-Cookman University

10) Plessy v. Ferguson. Brown v. Board reversed the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine

11) Jared Kushner

12) Washington

13) fraudulent voters. Good luck – they are figments of his imagination

14) 4% (4 cents on the dollar)

15) Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning

16) he was arrested

17) the EPA

18) Jefferson Davis

19) Aetna

20) a pledge of loyalty to Trump

21) Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee

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