Action Alert: Secret GOP Birth Control Ban Being Voted On Today

Action alert from The Iowa Statehouse Progressive Network.  This action alert is still timely today, Wednesday, March 29, because it will be debated today and the committee will vote tonight.  Scroll down for GOP house members to call to stop this restrictive bill from becoming law. The bill will prevent common forms of birth conrol.

***ACTION ALERT: Secret GOP Abortion Bill***

Just minutes before a scheduled committee vote, Republicans dropped (added) a secret plan to prohibit abortion beginning as early as 6 weeks, called “fetal heartbeat”.

Make no mistake about it, House Republicans are pushing this bill through at the last minute for the special interests because they don’t want to hear from Iowans. The House Human Resources Committee is planning to vote on this bill TONIGHT.  (You can read the secret plan here)

We need just two Republicans on the Human Resources Committee to vote with Democrats and help us stop this plan. Can you call these four Republicans right now and tell them to vote NO on the fetal heartbeat amendment to Senate File 471?

·         Rep. Michael Bergan – 563-380-3974 (HD 55)

·         Rep. Dave Heaton – 319-931-4792 (HD 91)

·         Rep. Tom Moore – 515-281-3221 (HD 21)

·         Rep. Rob Taylor – 515-281-3221 (HD 44)

Here’s what we know about this terrible bill so far:

·         It was unveiled just hours ago, but they want to vote on it tonight

·         It appears the amendment will ban common forms of birth control

·         It bans abortion as early as 6 weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant

·         Similar bills have been ruled unconstutional (Arkansas) and vetoed by Republican Governors (Ohio)

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  1. Dave Bradley says:

    mailboxes are full on the private numbers. Better to call 515-281-3221 4 times and get connected to their staffers.


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