Sunday Funday: Spring Forward Edition

Can’t even begin to say how much I hate daylight savings time. So here we go again with our annual sleep deprivation game. DST especially didn’t make sense when the kids were standing out in the snow in the dark waiting for school buses. In case you forgot, DST start dates were moved to accelerate sales of BBQ materials in the spring and Halloween candy in the fall. If we must have DST I wish we would move it back to the end of school/ start of school starting and ending dates.

Were you paying attention? I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be paying attention these days.

It is women’s history month so we will include a few questions on women.

1) Rep. John Shimkuss hit a new low even for Republicans when he questioned why men should pay for what medical service through their insurance?

2) The country has been stunned by what ridiculous claims that the current president tweeted concerning the previous president last Saturday?

3)  Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah said on CNN this week that Americans may have to choose between paying for health insurance or buying what?

4) What female Hispanic labor organizer cofounded the United Farm Workers in 1962 with Cesar Chavez?

5) The president of what country was impeached and forced from office in response to a corruption and cronyism scandal Friday?

6) The grocery industry in Iowa seems to be the only backer of a bill that would end what 39 year old recycling program in Iowa?

7) During WWII what actress invented frequency hopping communication technology that was instrumental in the Allies winning the war?

8) Women across America are getting tattoos of what statement uttered by Mitch McConnell about Elizabeth Warren?

9) Another stunner this week was the revealing of what long promised Republican bill?

10) Bomb threats and graveyard desecrations continue across the country against what ethnic/ religious group?

11) The statue of “Fearless Girl” was erected where to commemorate International Women’s Day?

12) Our current president loves Wikileaks. What did Wikileaks leak this week that could be very detrimental to the US?

13) Poachers in Paris broke into a zoo and killed a young white rhino in order to get what?

14) What landmark limestone arch collapsed into the sea after a storm in Malta last week?

15) What woman is generally given credit for launching the environmental movement with her book “Silent Spring”?

16) The head of what federal agency said this week that he was unconvinced that carbon dioxide was the main driver for climate change?

17) Elections will be held in the Netherlands Tuesday. How will ballots be counted for this election?

18) What native American woman was instrumental in the exploration of the American west?

19) In an odd juxtaposition, in order to pay for the border wall with Mexico, the administration called for cutting finds from what agencies?

20) Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was outed as a paid agent of what foreign country while serving in the Trump campaign?

Great quote:
“What he represents, above all, is the triumph of an underworld of predators, hustlers, mobsters, clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze that festered in a corner of New York City, a vindication of his mentor, the Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn, a figure unknown to the vast majority of enthusiasts who jammed Trump’s rallies and hailed him as the authentic voice of the people.” – Sidney Blumenthal


1) pre-natal check ups. Hey Shimkuss that baby might just be a boy!

2) That Obama had ordered the current president to be wiretapped.

3) Iphones. Maybe Chaffetz could not buy enough iPhones to afford a brain.

4) Dolores Huerta

5) South Korea

6) the bottle bill

7) Hedy Lamarr – the technology was called spread spectrum

8) “nevertheless, she persisted”

9) the republican health care replacement bill.

10) Jewish

11) on Wall Street being placed on the same pad as the raging bull

12) the CIA’s hacking tools. No doubt Russia was glad to see this

13) his horn. Rhino horn is a highly prized aphrodisiac in Asia

14) the Azure Window

15) Rachel Carson

16) the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (Scott Pruitt)

17) by hand due to fear of hacking of electronics. Sounds like a great idea

18) Sacajawea of course

19) the Coast Guard and the TSA

20) Turkey.


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