Sunday Funday: “And The Oscar Goes To” Edition

The Oscars Are Tonight

As awards shows go, the Academy Awards are usually one of the more entertaining shows. We don’t go to shows as much as we used to, but we will most likely watch the Awards. In this world of everything being politicized, the Academy Awards also seem to be somewhat of a time to cheer for our side. Since we only saw one movie last year I think that is the one we will be cheering for  – “Hidden Figures.”

And now for the non-award winning Sunday Funday quiz: Were you paying attention?

1) What sign was placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty Tuesday night?

2) The prime minister of Iceland said that if he could he would ban what topping on pizza?

3) The Kansas legislature gave Governor Brownback what way to get the state out of debt, but Brownback vetoed it?

4) FEC commissioner Ellen Weintraub repeated her demand Tuesday that the Trump administration produce evidence of what?

5) The loser in the popular vote for president issued a statement on anti-Semitism after what incidents?

6) What controversial right wing extremist resigned as editor of Breitbart after video surfaced of him condoning pedophila?

7) The UN ambassador from what country died suddenly Monday which caused many suspicious eyebrows to be raised?

8) Who was the first African-American to win an Oscar?

9) Arizona Rep. Trent Franks claimed a border wall is needed because nukes could be smuggled in to the US in what?

10) Jackie Robinson was the first black major league baseball player. Who was the second? (hint: first in the American League)

11) Big news in science this week included the discovery of seven earth size planets around a dim star about how far from us?

12) After signing the bill to bust public unions in Iowa Terry Branstad posed for a photo shaking the hand of who?

13) In the 1860 census was the slave population of the US closer to 500,000 or 5,000,000?

14) Happy Birthday, Buffalo Bill Cody! What Iowa town was he born in 171 years ago?

15) In his first month as president, the popular vote loser spent over 2X more time doing what versus time in intelligence briefing?

16) New political term introduced at the CPAC conference! What is a “watermelon”?

17) Norma McCorvey died last week in Katy, Texas. She made a major mark in history under what name?

18) Playboy magazine announced it would bring back a feature that less than a year ago it dropped as being dated?

19) What largest Christian focused retailer announced Thursday it would be closing all of its stores?

20) In another old-line retailing cutback, what once giant retailer announced it would be closing 140 stores?

From the “black is white and night is day and up is down” CPAC conference comes this little gem. CPAC organizer Dan Schneider called the alt-right philosophically left wing. Must be really hard to live in a world that is so twisted that everyone in it has a clear view of their rear end from the inside.



2) pineapple

3) the overwhelmingly Republican legislature voted to raise income taxes.

4) voter fraud

5) a spate of bomb threats to Jewish organizations and vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis

6) Milo Yiannopolous

7) Russia. Seems to be something going around in that country

8) Hattie McDaniel for supporting actress in “Gone With the Wind”

9) bales of marijuana (he really said that)

10) Larry Doby for the Cleveland Indians

11) 40 light years or ~ 240,000,000,000,000 miles

12) Drew Klein of the Koch Brothers front group Americans For Prosperity

13) closer to 5 million. Actual figure about 4 million

14) Le Claire near Davenport in Scott County

15) tweeting – got to set your priorities

16) Someone who is Green – environmentalist – on the outside and Red – Marxist communist – on the inside

17) Jane Roe as in Roe v. Wade

18) photos of nude women

19) Family Christian Books

20) JC Penney

And this one goes out to Joni Ernst. Joni, can you do your job and investigate the link between the administration and our enemies. please. Our country truly depends on it.

Another Oscar

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