Sunday Funday: Thank Goodness For Comedians Edition

Right now if I couldn’t laugh about so much of the strange, bizarre and scary stuff going on down the block, in Des Moines and of course in Washington right now I think the pressure would build up to the point of blowing. So Thank You so much to the nation’s comedians who help keep the rage down so we can rationally plan the resistance.

9 minutes

Once again, we will mix in some Black History Month questions.

Were you paying attention?

1) Who was Iowa’s governor when the now replaced Chapter 20 (labor relations laws) were originally passed in Iowa?

2) What entertainer dubbed “the Queen of Soul” announced she will retire this year?

3) Many businesses closed around the country Thursday when they couldn’t get enough workers because what was being observed by some?

4) The half brother of what world leader was killed after being sprayed with poison in Indonesia?

5) After being denied a concert venue at Constitutional Hall in Washington because of her race, what contralto instead had an open air concert at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939?

6) What nominee for Secretary of Labor pulled his name from consideration after several republican senators said they could not support him?

7) At a bizarre press conference Thursday, the current president seemed to accuse a reporter from jewish newspaper of accusing him (Trump) of what?

8) NSA Chief Michael Flynn either quit or was fired over calls he made to the government of what country while still a civilian?

9) Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in what state several months after the Civil War ended?

10) Iowa republicans held a closed door Skype meeting with what republican governor as the debate over the union busting bill was going on?

11) Which country test fired a medium range ballistic missile last Sunday prompting a strange response from the president at Mar-a-lago?

12) Yale University announced that it would change the name of a residential hall that currently honors what long ago racist politician?

13) Watch those immigrants! Connecticut women’s basketball won its 100th consecutive victory Monday. Where was Connecticut’s coach Geno Auriemma born?

14) The first African slaves were brought to America in what year?

15) What acting Attorney General had informed the current president of Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia nearly 3 weeks ago?

16) Emoluments coincidence? Trump gets his trademark in China just after he backs what policy toward China?

17) Nominee for top science advisor to the president, William Happer, said he believes climate scientists are a what?

18) In South Korea the head of what major conglomerate has been arrested in connection with the corruption and influence peddling scandal the threatens to take down the government?

19) Who was offered the job of NSA chief and turned it down Thursday?

20) The wife of what Supreme Court judge is once again involved in a situation concerning a case that may well end up being argued before the Court?

21) I hear protestors are getting paid. How much? I think I am getting screwed.

The high holy days of basketball will be upon us soon.


1) Republican Robert Ray

2) Aretha Franklin

3) “A day without immigrants” day

4) Kim Jong Un

5) Marian Anderson

6) Andrew Puzder (btw – I no longer will eat at Hardee’s)

7) anti-semitism

8) Russia

9) Texas

10) Scott Walker of Wisconsin

11) North Korea

12) John C. Calhoun

13) Montella, Italy

14) 1619 – brought to Virginia

15) Sally Q. Yates

16) one China – see here and here
17) cult. or actually a glassy eyed cult

18) Samsung

19) Vice-Admiral Robert Harward

20) Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginny is deep in the fight to ban Muslims from entering the country.

21) I ain’t gettin’ nothin’ I tell ya, nothin’!

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