Daily Action: The Essential Activist Tool For The #Resistance

Daily Action – My favorite activist tool

I signed up a few weeks ago to make daily phone calls to Congress (and other officials) as part of the Resistance. I am using a tool called Daily Action.   https://dailyaction.org/

Every week day you will get a text about the daily call, with a phone number to call for talking points. You enter your zip code and will be connected to your Senator’s or Representative’s Washington office. You go through it twice to reach the other Senator, but it is still quick. If the Washington office is busy, I call the local offices (I have their phone numbers in my favorites).

The first week’s calls included:

  • calling for the resignation of Steve Bannon from the White House and National Security Council
  • calling Customs and Border Protection (I got connected to Phoenix) to see if they are complying with U.S. laws – or with Trump
  • opposing Jay Clayton as chair of the SEC
  • against defunding Planned Parenthood

The next week included calls to oppose various Trump cabinet nominees, save the EPA, and to investigate Kellyanne Conway for advertising Ivanka’s product line.

You can read more at their website. I signed up there. But you can also text the word DAILY to the number 228466 (A-C-T-I-O-N). You’ll be prompted to enter your zip code and that’s it – you’re signed up.

Now I just wish we had the same tool for Iowa state and local level actions! Can someone develop that?

Alta Price


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