Sunday Funday: Who Knew? Edition

What the heck? An administration spokesperson can’t use their position to hawk goods for the bosses daughter? Who knew?

The White House’s chief strategist seems to be trying to push the Pope out of his job? That does not make the president look good? Who knew?

Not sure what a strong dollar means? You shouldn’t ask your National Security Adviser? Who Knew?

A senator can’t read a letter from a prominent American concerning the character of a cabinet nominee on the Senate floor during open debate? Who Knew?

The Secretary of Education should be smarter than a 5th grader? Who knew?

Once more this week we will include some questions on black history. Were you paying attention?

1) 45 took to Twitter to lambaste what company for not carrying his daughter’s merchandise Wednesday?

2) Which administration official then did an impromptu commercial on Fox News for Ivanka the next day?

3) The current administration claims terrorist attacks that never happened. What long ago Republican senator claimed to have a list of communists in the State department that never existed either?

4) Feb. 12, 1809. What two men were born that would have a major impact on human history?

5) What was the Great Migration?

6) How did Iowa’s senators vote on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary?

7) “She was warned. Nevertheless she persisted.” Thus explained Mitch McConnell as Elizabeth Warren was banned from speaking on what subject in the senate?

8) What Bush era ‘torture-is-good’ memo writer say 45 has gone to far for even him?

9) What is the chapter of the Iowa code Republicans claim to be updating as they destroy Iowa’s public unions?

10) Attacks on the judiciary by administration officials were labeled “disheartening” by what administration nominee?

11) Fannie Lou Hamer led an integrated delegation of Democrats from what state that tried to unseat that state’s regular delegation?

12) February 12, 1999 what dramatic vote took place in the US Senate? (hint: concerned Clinton)

13) The city council of Seattle, Washington withdrew it money from Wells Fargo because of that bank’s funding of what project?

14) Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American on the Supreme Court. Who appointed Marshall to the Court?

15) The leader of which country visited the US Friday?

16) Next week Rep. Ted Lieu of California will introduce a bill to have a full time what at the White House?

17) What Indianapolis company will move operations to Mexico despite public shaming by the administration?

18) Kamala Harris of California is the second black woman in the US Senate. Who was the first?

19) Gun sales have dropped since the fear of who confiscating guns has passed?

20) Sean Spicer said he hoped that if who were still alive, she would support Jeff Sessions for Attorney General?

Tweet from Hillary Clinton Thursday after the Appeals Court handed the administration a loss on banning immigrants from certain countries: “3-0”


1) Nordstrom’s

2) KellyAnne Conway

3) Joseph McCarthy

4) Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin

5) the migration of southern blacks to northern cities for economic reasons from 1916 to 1970

6) of course both voted to confirm

7) Jefferson B. Sessions confirmation.

8) John Yoo

9) chapter 20

11) Mississippi

12) The senate voted not to impeach Pres. Clinton

13) DAPL

14) Lyndon Johnson

15) Japan

16) a psychiatrist

17) Rexnord Corp. Indy will lose 300 jobs.

18) Carol Mosley Braun of Illinois

19) Obama

20) Coretta Scott King. Yep her really said that.

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