Sunday Funday: Ironically Ironic Edition

unfortunately I lost the attribution of the poster of this cartoon on twitter

For those of us who have endured many trips around the sun, we find an interesting ironic situation that the party that built itself as the party that would stand up to the Russians now is the party whose leader is more than happy to crawl in bed with Russia. There is that old saying ‘whatever goes around, comes around.’ I have never really understood what that meant, but I think it describes this situation.

What is really odd is that had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee the main thrust of the Republican attack machine would have been his socialism (it’s like communism they would say) and he visited Russia once!

BTW – I don’t find it strange that a filthy rich man who likes to surround himself with gold wouldn’t like a golden shower every now and then. Maybe I am missing something?

Were you paying attention?

1) The new president once more seems to be flaunting nepotism laws by naming who as a senior advisor?

2) Which extreme right wing fake news darling was caught trying to pay liberals to disrupt the inauguration so the left could be blamed for the disruption?

3) What actress used her acceptance speech time at the Golden Globes to denounce Trump’s mockery of a disabled man?

4) Trump appointee Monica Crowley has had her book “What The Bleep Just Happened” pulled by the publisher for what reason?

5) Trump cabinet nominees haves begun their Senate consent hearings. What nominee stated that water boarding is “absolutely” prohibited by law?

6) In a really strange move, the incoming administration dismissed the two people in charge of what strategic and sensitive stockpile without replacements as of noon Jan. 20?

7) What US auto company refuted claims by Donald Trump that he was instrumental in billion dollar expansion?

8) President Obama surprised what honoree with the Presidential Medal of Freedom Thursday?

9) Scientists at MIT revealed a 3D structural material that is 10X stronger than steel with 5% of the density. What is the major component of this structural material?

10) The Netherlands announce Monday that all of their trains were now being powered by what renewable energy?

11) The division I college championship game was played Monday night. Who won?

12) President Obama delivered his farewell speech to a crowd of 18,000 at what Chicago venue?

13) The last rejection of a cabinet nominee was John Tower as Secretary of Defense for what president?

14) In a bizarre news conference Donald Trump refused to take a question from a reporter from what company?

15) The midwest is expecting what major weather event today?

16) What cabinet nominee received a waiver so he could be confirmed for his cabinet post?

17) In a first, what sitting senator gave testimony in a cabinet confirmation hearing against another sitting senator?

18) What is the top priority of Republicans in the Iowa legislature this session?

19) What cable public affairs station had its feed taken over by Russian TV Thursday?

20) In another incident, legislators in what state were greeted with a screen in Russian when they attempted to change their passwords?

Repeat after me: Russia can not hack our elections!


1) son-in-law Jared Kirschner who may have severe ethics problems of his own.

2) James O’Keefe

3) Meryl Streep

4) over 50 incidents of plagiarism in the book. Considering Melania’s convention speech, Crowley should fit right in.

5) Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for AG

6) the nuclear arsenal – this is scary, folks

7) Fiat Chrysler

8) VP Joe Biden

9) Graphene

10) wind generated electricity. Must be nice

11) Clemson

12) McCormick Place

13) George HW Bush in 1989

14) CNN claiming CNN was fake news

15) an ice storm!

16) Mad Dog Mattis for Defense. He has not legally been out of the military long enough

17) Corey Booker of New Jersey testified against Sen. Sessions of Alabama for AG

18) cutting taxes of course – they want us to be like Kansas


20) Arizona

Repeat after me: Russia can not hack our elections

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