Climate Advocacy Update From Senator Rob Hogg

ICYMI, please read this message from Senator Rob Hogg:

Dear Climate Advocates:

Happy New Year, 2017!

People across our country and future generations need us to speak up for climate action now more than ever. Starting tomorrow, Americans across our country will be speaking up against nominees Rex Tillerson for secretary of state and Scott Pruitt for the environmental protection agency. Neither nominee understands or accepts climate science or supports renewable energy. We can do better.

Multiple national groups are working together to block these nominees including Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, NextGen Climate,, and many others.

Call Your U.S. Senators This Week

In Iowa, here are the numbers to call for our U.S. Senators at one of their taxpayer-funded offices to urge them to vote no on Tillerson and Pruitt and to support other action to protect the climate:

Senator Joni Ernst
(202) 224-3254 (Washington, DC)
(319) 365-4504 (Cedar Rapids)
(712) 352-1167 (Council Bluffs)
(563) 322-0677 (Davenport)
(515) 284-4574 (Des Moines)
(712) 252-1550 (Sioux City)

Senator Chuck Grassley
(202) 224-3744 (Washington, DC)
(319) 363-6832 (Cedar Rapids)
(712) 322-7103 (Council Bluffs)
(563) 322-4331 (Davenport)
(515) 288-1145 (Des Moines)
(712) 233-1860 (Sioux City)
(319) 232-6657 (Waterloo)

In other states, you can find the contact information for your U.S. Senators at this web address:

Please do not let your U.S. Senators off the hook by ignoring them. It is critical that you call, write, email, and meet with them to stop these nominees and to build support for the climate action we so urgently need, regardless of which party controls Congress or the White House.

When you call, please let the staff know that you care about this issue and that you support climate action, both as a matter of policy and personally. After you make your call, you can send an email to me at so I can track how many calls are made this week. On social media, you can use the hash tags, #SpeakUp4Climate, #UseLessFossilFuel, and #ClimateSolutionsWork.

Reminder: Republicans Know How To Act On Climate

When you call or meet with Republican Senators, or when you are just speaking up in public, please remember that Republicans have a rich heritage of acting on environmental challenges, including:

> Teddy Roosevelt’s preservation of national parks and monuments
> President Nixon’s creation of the EPA
> The Clean Air Act (signed by President Nixon and strengthened by President Bush)
> The Montreal Protocol on ozone depleting substances (signed by President Reagan and strengthened by President Bush)
> Solar energy investment tax credit (signed by President George W. Bush)

By using these examples, you can help unite our country for the climate action we so urgently need.

Other Upcoming Climate Action Opportunities

Iowa Interfaith Power & Light – Iowa IPL is showing “Before the Flood” at the Fleur Cinema and Café, 4545 Fleur Drive, in Des Moines, on Sunday, January 22, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Iowa IPL is also sponsoring an “advocacy day” at the Iowa State Capitol on Tuesday, January 31, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. For more details, visit

Climate Reality Project – The Climate Reality Project is hosting its next international training in Denver, Colorado, on March 2-4. The application deadline is January 24. The 2015 training in Iowa was great. To apply, or for more information, visit:

Citizens Climate Lobby – CCL is hosting regional conferences across the country to help citizens get more informed and more involved in the fight against climate change and to support a price on carbon pollution to guide development toward a prosperous clean energy future. Here are the upcoming regional CCL conferences:

Southern California Region, in Claremont, California, January 28-29
Gulf Coast Region, in Austin, Texas, February 4
Mid-Atlantic Region, in Glenside, Pennsylvania, February 17-19
Northern California Region, in Berkeley, February 18-19
Colorado Region, in Golden, Colorado, February 25
Greater Pacific Northwest Region, in Seattle/Bellevue, Washington, March 4-5
North Wind Region, in Okoboji, Iowa, March 17-19
Northeast Region, in Amherst, Massachusetts, March 18-19
Mid-South Region, in Asheville, North Carolina, March 25-26.

For more details, or to register, visit:

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your ongoing advocacy for a sustainable future.


State Senator Rob Hogg
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Rob Hogg is a State Senator from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and author of America’s Climate Century (2013). Contact Rob at

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