More Republicans In Legislature Could Mean Guns In Iowa’s Schools

Peace on earth, good will toward men and women and children! Christmas is at root a hopeful time for all, whatever a person’s religious preference may be.

Help Iowans for Gun Safety work toward the goals of peace on earth and good will toward all with a generous contribution!

Iowans for Gun Safety is uniquely focused on legislation in Iowa and is ready to work with coalitions in communities across the state to reduce violence. Iowans for Gun Safety is working with local groups in Clinton, Decorah, Dubuque, and Des Moines, and seeking to develop partnerships with groups in Waterloo and Davenport. We have and can identify and contact supporters in all of Iowa’s 50 state senatorial districts.

Iowans for Gun Safety expects to see legislation in Iowa allowing the carrying of guns in schools, permitless carry, reciprocity with states that have very weak laws regarding pemits, and in general, legislation moving toward the goal of allowing anyone to carry guns anywhere, [italics BFIA’s] legislation which has passed in other states, most recently in Ohio. To combat this, Iowans for Gun Safety needs your financial help as well as your willingness to contact your state senators and representatives to express your support for strong laws regulating traffic in guns.

Iowans for Gun Safety is already planning for the 2017 Concert Across America, scheduled nationally for Sunday, September 24. The board members in Cedar Rapids are planning a matinee format (2-4:30 pm) with a few musical or performing persons or groups and local speakers who are concerned about gun violence and gun safety. Iowans for Gun Safety encourages our supporters across the state to begin planning their own Concerts. In 2016 there were 350 such concerts across the country, several of them in Iowa.

Iowans for Gun Safety is also working with the University of Iowa College of Public Health’s Center for Injury Prevention. They are developing a series of programs to address violence, and supporting a study of the roots of violence in Cedar Rapids, which should be a model for such studies in other cities in Iowa.

Iowans for Gun Safety is coordinating with the Linn Co. Dept. of Public Health on suicide prevention, and will be talking with gun store owners and gun owner organizations about their promotion of gun safety, including safe storage as well as protecting waiting periods for the purchase of guns. The findings of these meetings will be shared with people across the state, as these conversations need to occur everywhere. The suicide numbers and rate has been increasing dramatically in Iowa over the past few years, affecting people of all ages from adolescents to seniors, with a new focus on men between 35 and 65. There are from year to year six times as many suicides by gun as there are homicides by gun. Nearly half of all suicides are by gun. Iowans for Gun Safety needs your support to carry out and promote this project with the state and county Board of Health.

As you can see, there is much Iowans for Gun Safety is doing, and much you can help with in terms of programming, contacting legislators, working with County Depts. of Public Health and other organizations in your community. Your financial support is just one part, but an important part, of the many steps needed to keep Iowans safe.

If you have already contributed recently, thank you very much. So far, of our goal of $3000, we have received $500. Iowans for Gun Safety is grateful for your support. If you have not yet contributed, now would be a good time as Iowans for Gun Safety approaches the end of the year. Iowans for Gun Safety is a non-profit, 501.c.3, organization, so your contribution is tax deductible.

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