Sunday Funday: Prez Elect Writes A Speech Edition

Van Jones speaks at a broadcasters meeting Tuesday in Canada. He lays out what happened in our election and warns it cold happen in Canada:

We hear that the guy who came in second in the vote for president is working on some killer lines for his (of course it is a he) inauguration:

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what your country and you can do for me.”

“When the president does it, it is not illegal.”

“My friends on Wall Street will watch your money closely.”

“We hold few truths to be self evident. Especially when they stand in the way of huge corporate profits.”

May need some fine tuning on those, Bub

Were you paying attention?

1) Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos’ family made their billions in what business?

2) Stocks continue in record territory as the Dow Industrials topped what milestone last week?

3) The Catholic Church apologized for its role in the genocide and massacres in what African country Sunday?

4) In Iowa, AFSCME unions have been offered new contracts with what percent pay increases?

5) Nicaragua endured what two major natural disasters last week?

6) Investigations indicate that social media during the election in the US were overwhelmed with trolls from what country?

7) In France polling indications show what extreme right wing candidate to be the leader for next April’s election?

8) A school bus accident Tuesday resulted in the death of six children in what city?

9) What was the age of the bus driver in the aforementioned accident?

10) Baseball fans learned of the death of Ralph Branca last week. Branca earned lifetime notoriety for what that became one of baseball’s biggest legends?

11) What once retired balloon made a reappearance in Thursday’s Macy’s Parade?

12) Nov. 27, 1701 what man whose name is closely associated with temperatures was born in Sweden?

13) Interior Secretary Sally Jewell prohibited mining just outside of what National Park last week while a long term ban is considered?

14) Which major country announced it would end using coal for electric generation by 2030 last week?

15) A federal judge blocked implementation of President Obama’s overtime wage implementation Dec. 1. This affects about how many workers?

16) What state’s governor has filed for a recount after losing his chair in this year’s elections?

17) Speaking of recounts, what presidential candidate is raising money to file for recounts (and possibly audits) in MI, WI and PA?

18) A 7.2 earthquake spawning a tsunami was reported Tuesday near the site of what previous earthquake and tsunami disasters?

19) Jurgen Klinsman lost his job as coach of what US national team after a humiliating 4-0 loss to Costa Rica?

20) Protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline had what happen to them in freezing weather Monday night?

For some strange reason 70 years after WWII, fascism is enjoying a real big rise in popularity. How quickly humans forget. And they vote for it. So strange.


1) Amway

2) 19,000

3) Rwanda. Priests and nuns participated in the genocide

4) 0

5) a 7.0 earthquake and Hurricane Otto

7) Marine Le Pen

8) Chattanooga, Tennessee

9) 24. He was speeding and not driving his designated route when the accident happened.

10) He threw the pitch that Bobby Thompson hit for the “shot heard round the world” allowing the Giants to defat the Dodgers in the 1951 pennant playoff game.

11) Felix the Cat. His was the first ever ballon in the parade and returned for the 90th annual parade

12) Anders Celsius

13) America’s first national Park, Yellowstone.

14) Canada

15) 4.2 million

16) North Carolina’s Pat McCrory

17) The Green Party’s Jill Stein

18) Fukishima

19) National soccer team

20) police doused them with water from a water cannon in 25 degree weather

Go Jill Stein!

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