Why You Should Abandon Cable News

the big picture with thom hartmannWatch the Thom Hartmann segment below and see what a REAL newscast is supposed to look and sound like. A real newscast engages your brain, doesn’t just cause you to feel even more frustrated and fearful and angry.

Here’s what you’ll see in this Thom Hartmann segment:

  • Just as the story was about to hit that Trump settled a lawsuit for $25 million, he baited the media into talking about something on his twitter account.
  • Why does it always happen that one silly story domintates the news over all else?
  • Before we can have a political revolution we need a media revolution.
  • Tulsi Gabbard who famously quit the DNC and endorsed Bernie Sanders is being considered for ambassador to the U.N. under the Trump administration. Is she willing to “fig leaf” for a man who will put a white nationalist to work for the white house?
  • Why the electoral college is racist.
  • The Republicans are actually losing elections. They won many more seats than they were entitled to.


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