Iowa GOP Climate Change Deniers Taken To Task By Democrat


Important information from Democratic Senator Joe Bolkcom for Iowans in Senate District 28.

NE Iowa Senator Mike Breitbach denies climate change is real

I attended a legislative forum on Tuesday in Decorah hosted by the Winneshiek Energy District. Republican incumbent State Senator Mike Breitbach and Democratic challenger Jan Heikes participated. The discussion and questions focused on renewable energy and climate change.

Both were asked about their views on climate change. Jan Heikes said climate change is real and we needed to address it now. Mike Breitbach said that our climate has always been changing. In follow-up questions he fumbled around and basically said climate change is not an issue to be concerned with. He then had to leave the forum early.

At ground zero for energy and climate leadership in Iowa, your state senator, Mike Breitbach has not introduced a single piece of legislation in four years to advance energy efficiency or renewable energy or address soil conservation and water quality.

NE Iowa deserves much better. We need elected officials that put science ahead of phony political talking points.

Please share with your friends in Senate District 28. Send Jan Heikes to Des Moines to represent you on November 8!

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