The Familiar Face of Misogyny (Hatred Of Women) In America

double standard

I thought before watching this video that I would not be shocked or surprised by any idiotic or offensive content that the corporate media could present, but I was wrong.  When they can say these derogatory remarks about one woman, that makes it okay to say it about any woman, all women.  The fact that females also sometimes participate and buy into a sexist narrative, does not invalidate the point and should not confuse you because “Oppression is complete when the oppressed identify with the oppressor.”  We are all products of a patriarchal, sexist culture.

If you can stand it, watch this compilation of outrageous, sexist statements made about Hillary Clinton, put together by

Sadly, everything you hear will sound familiar.


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1 Response to The Familiar Face of Misogyny (Hatred Of Women) In America

  1. dave bradley says:

    If the name ‘Don’ were subbed for ‘Hillary’ and ‘man’ for ‘woman’ etc. throughout that video with accompanying degrading photos of Trump there would be outrage that would never cease.

    No matter who the first woman candidate was, she would be subjected to this treatment. Clinton has put up with this for 30+ years on a daily basis.


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