Sunday Funday: Some Possible Grassley Campaign Ideas

Sure, I can pass the quiz!

Sure, I can pass the quiz!

Always happy to help out. So today I will suggest some themes that Chuck Grassley can use in his campaign.

“Never Too Old To Be In The Senate!”

“Helping President Trump Put Judge Judy on the Supreme Court”

“Don’t Be My Death Panel, Iowa”

“I’ve Never Had Another Job, So Don’t Fire Me”

“Just Following Orders”

“Party Then Country”

“I Really Hate Cutting My Grass”

Were you paying attention?

1) The Mason City city council tied on a final vote, thus denying what type of company to build a plant in Mason City?

2) And the clown bus empties out. What two of the three remaining candidates dropped out of the Republican presidential race?

3) 101 years ago yesterday (May 7, 1915) what British passenger liner was torpedoed by a German submarine which helped draw the US into WWI?

4) What noted Jesuit priest and peace activist from the Vietnam War era died last Saturday at age 94?

5) Ringling Brothers announced early retirement starting last Sunday for what group of circus performers?

6) Who set a record last week for the shortest Vice-presidential campaign last week?

7) “Welcome to negro night at Washington ….” began what host for the White House Correspondents Dinner?

8) President Obama visited what city under stress Wednesday?

9) A jury found staffers for what former presidential candidate guilt of bribing a former state senator for his endorsement?

10) Speculation on republican vice-presidential candidates includes what Iowa senator?

11) Australian Craig Wright exposed himself as the creator of what computer based exchange medium?

12) On the eve of the Indiana primary Monday, Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz’ father of being involved in what historic crime?

13) What major tech player announced it will work on a new subscription streaming TV package due next year?

14) “America Needs You, __________ ____________” Chicago sang decades ago. What former president’s birthday is today?

15) Researchers at Johns Hopkins University listed what as the 3rd leading cause of death in the US?

16) Wildfires in what Canadian province has forced the total evacuation of a city of 80,000?

17) Friday Londoners elected the first what to be mayor of their city?

18) The Wrestling Hall of Fame rescinded all awards given to what recently disgraced former major politician?

19) The endorsements are not exactly rolling in for Donald Trump. What major Republican leader stated “I’m just not ready to do that (support Trump) at this point”?

20) They may not be tobacco, but the FDA announced Thursday that they would treat what just like other tobacco products?

Answers, answers, answers:

1) Hog slaughter operation

2) John Kasich and Ted Cruz

3) the Lusitania

4) Daniel Berrigan

5) circus elephants YAY!

6) Carly Fiorina

7) Larry Wilmore

8) Flint, Michigan

9) Ron Paul

10) Joni Ernst (really!)

11) bitcoin

12) the assassination of President Kennedy

13) Google (through youtube)

14) Harry Truman

15) medical errors, behind heart disease and cancer.

16) Alberta. The city of Fort MacMurray has been evacuated.

17) Muslim. Sadiq Khan beat Zac Goldsmith in a racially charged campaign

18) Dennis Hastert

19) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

20) E-cigarettes or vaping

We should have a contest to give our old friend Chuck a hand.

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