Sunday Funday: Smoking Of The Green Edition

this picture has nothing to do with today's puzzle. But Easter is next week

this picture has nothing to do with today’s puzzle. But Easter is next week

Another great quote from John Fugelsang this one concerning St. Patrick’s Day festivities:
“Alcohol: 75,000 US deaths per year. Cannabis: Zero. Maybe next St. Patrick’s Day more people need to go green.”

And there is green in that there green: Oregon generated $3.48 million in taxes in their first month of legalized sales. Iowa can’t even let sick people who desperately need medical marijuana have a sniff.

Were you paying attention?

1) Despite repeated warnings from Republicans that they would stomp their feet and refuse to play, Pres. Obama named who as his SCOTUS nominee?

2) Sad incident on the Iditarod trail in Alaska when at least one dog was killed by a what?

3) Five Sheriff’s deputies in Cumberland County (Fayetteville) N.C. were demoted and lost pay due to their conduct at what presidential campaign rally?

4) Chuck Grassley relented a bit and said he will meet with the SCOTUS nominee for what purpose?

5) Big primaries last Tuesday. Who put a small roadblock in the way of Donald Trump’s path to the Republican nomination Tuesday?

6) The man who shot people in Kalamazoo Michigan claimed his mind had been taken over by what?

7) On the Democratic side in Tuesday’s primaries, despite some very close races who ran the table Tuesday?

8) In a major reversal of a previously announced policy, the Obama Administration said that it will no longer allow oil drilling where?

9) March 25th, 1911 fire raged through a garment factory in NYC, killing 123 young women and 23 men. This incident is infamously known as what?

10) A three member panel from the Legislative Services Agency labeled Iowa’s economy as what last week?

11) An NFL official last week admitted there was a link between football and what?

12) An internet video went viral last week that showed a man at a Kellogg factory doing what?

13) Monday who announced a withdrawal of troops from Syria, surprising the world?

14) How many states did Marco Rubio win before dropping out of the presidential race Tuesday?

15) Once again Donald Trump said what may take place at the convention if the power brokers deny him the nomination?

16) Despite what happened in Indiana and Arkansas when those states passed a bill allowing discrimination by religious followers, what state passed another such bill last week?

17) What two former Iowa Lt. Governors led a group calling for Senator Grassley to hold hearings for President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee?

18) Having made the ethanol industry mad, what Republican congressman now faces a primary challenge in June?

19) Appearing before the House Oversight Committee Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said blame for the Flint water crisis belongs to who?

20) The Economist listed the election of what presidential candidate as a threat to the world economy equal to jihadi terrorism?

The High Holy Days of Basketball reach a crescendo this week with the start of the NCAA tournament. Enjoy


1) Merrick Garland

2) a drunken snowmobile driver

3) a Trump rally

4) to tell Garland that he (Grassley) will refuse to hold a hearing on his nomination

5) John Kasich won Ohio. Trump took the rest

6) the Uber app

7) Hillary Clinton

8) the Atlantic Ocean

9) the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

10) “lackluster”

11) brain damage (CET specifically)

12) peeing on products made at a Kellogg production plant in Memphis, Tn.

13) Putin

14) one – Minnesota

15) riots

16) Georgia

17) Joy Corning (R) and Sally Pederson (D) with the group “Justice, Not Politics”

18) Steve King will be challenged by State Senator Rick Bertrand

19) not him of course – the EPA.

20) Trump.

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