Patty Judge Joins Race For US Senate


Media in the centers of power out east, New York City and Washington, DC, were buzzing with the possibility of former Lt. Gov. and Ag. Secretary Patty Judge jumping into the race to challenge Chuck Grassley for his senate seat.

It is beginning to look like one of the worst things that could have ever happened to Chuck Grassley is the death of Justice Scalia.

Scalia’s death has exposed Grassley as the total tool of the Republican party that many of us always knew he was. Rather than fulfilling his constitutional duties in a timely fashion as one would expect from his carefully cultivated public persona, Grassley has instead been a study in on-the-fly lies as he creates reasons out of thin air on why he refuses to do his prescribed duties.

The Iowa public ain’t buying it. Iowans expect people to do their jobs, not make excuses.

With the internet tracking public servants as never before and keeping their utterings and writings forever, it is becoming harder and harder to pull the wool over the collective eyes of the public. A well prepared interviewer will no longer just allow any politician to BS their way through an interview without a challenge. Kathy O’Bradovich has a very pointed opinion of how the Senator’s view is in conflict with the orderly flow of government as written in the constitution:
(the actual interview is here)

“It’s perfectly legitimate for Grassley to insist that justices decide cases based on the law and not personal feelings, and he’s been consistent on that benchmark for nominees. But Grassley is not evaluating any nominee’s actual qualifications, but rather his own opinion of what sort of person Obama would nominate. That’s simple prejudice and it’s not a justification for refusing to consider nominees.

Secondly, Grassley argues that Obama somehow lacks legitimacy as president to put forth a candidate for the Supreme Court. That’s because voters in 2014 elected more Republicans than Democrats to the Senate, changing the balance of power.

“Then what you want to remember is that people spoke in 2014 that they didn’t like things (Obama) was doing and threw out nine or 10 Democrat senators,” Grassley said.

It may be Grassley’s political judgment that the 2014 midterms somehow withdrew Obama’s constitutional authority. But voters were making decisions on individual candidates, not necessarily on the party balance of the Senate. If we’re going to make every president a lame duck if his party doesn’t win in the midterms, we should start electing a new president every two years.”

Now it looks like Grassley’s playing fast and loose with the constitution may finally endanger his job. Patty Judge has said she is ready to jump into the race to dethrone Grassley. Judge’s statewide name recognition and previous roles in state government may give her some impetus. She is a known quantity.

Grassley’s actions to please his party above doing his duty for the country are really backfiring. His obvious disdain for Iowa voters that he recently exhibited during his town hall tour was noted around the state. Add to that that Grassley may have to somehow deal with an albatross at the head of the ticket this year by the name of Donald Trump. Even if Trump is not nominated, there will be some big scars in the party including having to deal with the aftermath of Trump’s hate fueled campaign.

This may be the year to catch the lightning in the bottle and send Grassley back to his estate in Virginia.

In the meantime, Chuck, if you won’t do your job will you at least refund your pay?

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