Sunday Funday: Mainstream Hate Edition


Headline: SPLC – Republican Party Is Now A Hate Group

In a report released today the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) announced officially what has repeatedly been made plain to anyone who listens to the demagogic crop of Republican presidential candidates: the GOP has become the nation’s leading advocate for right-wing hate, and their rhetoric is fueling a dangerous rise in hate groups. The SPLC’s annual report on domestic extremism released today found that right-wing hate and anti-government organizations grew by 14% last year to some 1,900 individual groups.

And, crucially, the SPLC identifies the divisive hate-fueled rhetoric of the Republicans as a key source of increasing right-wing extremism; while the ranks of right-wing groups grew significantly after president Obama’s election, their numbers had been on the decline in recent years until demagogic fear-mongering racists like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seized the mainstream stage to exhort the Republican base to turn on such convenient scapegoats as Muslims and Mexicans. As SPLC President Mark Potok put it, “We have real enablers in the political mainstream who are helping the ideas of the radical right grow. We are living in an era of incredible political irresponsibility.”

The examples of Republican presidential candidates giving a voice to extremist right-wing hate are legion, from Donald Trump re-tweeting a neo-Nazi claim that African-Americans were responsible for 80% of murders committed against whites to his endorsement of a cartoon showing Jewish candidate Berne Sanders being gassed to proposals for religious tests for admission to the United States. The later proposal was put forward by Jeb Bush, who, alarmingly, is a moderate in the race in that he only wants to ban Muslims rather than, say, round them up in internment camps.

Que surprise?

Were you paying attention?

1) Atticus Finch, Boo Radley, Scout and Jem were lead characters in one of the most popular books ever. The author died Friday. Who was this author?

2) Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley says his opposition to replacing Scalia before the election goes back to something that what democratic senator said in 2007?

3) Due to the ramifications of the zika virus, Pope Francis told the faithful Thursday that it would be ok to do what?

4) February 21, 1965 – what major black leader is killed in an assassination just before he was to address an audience in Manhattan?

5) Students from what city wore t-shirts saying “I’m Worth Less” when they lobbied Iowa legislators for a change in school funding formula?

6) Oklahoma continues to shake due to fracking. Last week a major quake near Fairview measured in at what on the Richter scale?

7) Indianapolis lost over 1,400 jobs when what air conditioner company announced it was moving manufacturing to Monterey, Mexico?

8) The Iowa House Commerce Committee dipped its toe ever so gingerly into helping people with epilepsy and constant pain when it approved highly limited use of what?

9) Tech giant Apple was ordered by the US government to do what last week?

10) Three OPEC countries plus Russia agreed to freeze what at January levels on Tuesday?

11) Brazil announced Monday that it would switch from what currency to do business with Iran?

12) Chuck Grassley’s current position on hearings for replacement for Antonin Scalia is he will or he won’t have hearings?

13) South Dakota became the first state to pass a bill governing use of bathrooms by who?

14) We’re #3!. A report released by the Road and Transportation Builders Assn. placed Iowa at #3 worst for what?

15) A woman in Iowa has been diagnosed with what currently highly feared disease?

16) The Pope said Donald Trump’s plan to do what “was not Christian?”

17) Trump responded that if who attacked the Vatican when he was president he would not come to the Vatican’s aid?

18) It’s not a vacation? Who will be visiting Havana next month?

19) What western state is trailblazing raises in minimum wages and basing minimums on geographic locations?

20) British Prime Minister David Cameron threatens to leave what group if they do not accede to his demands for a better deal?

Just as the tournament looms, Iowa and Iowa State basketball teams looking not so good.


1) Harper Lee

2) Chuck Schumer

3) use contraception

4) Malcolm X

5) Davenport

6) 5.1

7) Carrier. Their parent company United Technologies also closed another Indiana plant that employed 700 the same day

8) cannabis oil

9) break into the encrypted phone of the San Bernardino shooter

10) oil output

11) the US dollar (this could have big ramifications)

12) currently he will, I believe

13) transgendered people

14) bridges with structural deficiencies

15) the zika virus

16) build a huge wall between the US and Mexico

17) ISIS

18) Pres. Obama

19) Oregon – larger cities will have higher minimum wages.

20) the EU.

See you next week

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