Sunday Funday: Sara’s Back Edition

Comedians of America breath a sigh of relief as Sara Palin gives them material to cover another several weeks of jokes. Stephen Colbert is on it early.

Stop laughing, it’s time for the quiz.

1) What city in Iowa was lucky enough to host these two incomparable people last week for this endorsement?

2) Another member of rock and roll royalty died early this week. What founding member of the Eagles passed on last Sunday?

3) What soft-core porn magazine became a victim of easily accessed online porn and announced it will cease publication in the future?

4) Hoping to avoid a disaster like last year in Iowa, officials believe a strain of what was contained in Indiana?

5) In the gambling world, one of Iowa’s chief concerns this year will be what, like many other states?

6) Forty-three years ago last Friday the SCOTUS announced its decision in what controversial case?

7) Calls have been issued for a boycott of the Oscars over what issue?

8) In what may be a sad note on the humor front, satirical magazine The Onion was reportedly bought by what corporation?

9) Cases of what mosquito borne disease that appears to be a cause of babies born with microcephaly (small head syndrome) have been reported in the US?

10) Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad sent shock waves throughout the Republican Party when he called for the defeat of what presidential candidate?

11) Oxfam released a new study that said that half of the world’s population has as much total wealth as the richest how many?

12) Looks like Pluto has a big brother. A new planet may have been discovered way beyond Pluto. It appears to be comparable to what other planet in size?

13) In a first, Taiwan elected a what as their new president?

14) Iranian prisoners held in the US chose to do what following their release in the prisoner exchange with Iran last week?

15) A film released this week purports to be a documentary on what recent incident?

16) The British parliament held a three hour discussion on banning what or who from entering Britain?

17) Track Palin was arrested and charged with domestic battery in Alaska last week. Who did his mother, Sara Palin, blame for there incident?

18) A feature of government in Michigan allows the governor to usurp locally elected officials with a what?

19) Conservative magazine National Review devoted its latest issue to taking down which Republican presidential candidate?

20) The NLRB ruled that what company retaliated unlawfully against strikers in 2013 and must reinstate the 16 workers it dismissed?

How many climate deniers have gone on Fox this weekend and made a snowball to show climate change doesn’t work?

1) Ames

2) Glenn Frey

3) Penthouse

4) avian flu ( let’s hope they are right.)

5) fantasy sports betting

6) Rowe v. Wade (abortion)

7) lack of diversity among the nominations

8) Univision

9) zika virus. It started showing up in Brazil last year. Hawaii had a case last month. Two pregnant US women were infected after travel to Central America.

10) Ted Cruz

11) 62.

12) Neptune

13) woman

14) stay in the US

15) Benghazi. “13 Hours” is a right wing hit job on Clinton and Obama. But a huge bomb at the box office.

16) Donald Trump

17) President Obama

18) an emergency manager or an emergency financial manager

19) Donald Trump

20) Walmart

See you next week!

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