The Caucus Is Nigh

Let's make sure one of these candidates become the next president

Let’s make sure one of these candidates become the next president

Nine days from now Iowa will be the center of the American political universe. Ten days from now few will be able to pick Iowa out on a map, except maybe college basketball fans. Such is the attention span of the American news media.

One thing is for sure, Iowans take their first in the nation status with a great deal of seriousness. At least they do on the Democratic side. Most of the folks I know who are planning on attending the caucuses have been having deliberations with themselves and with others for months. At this point there are but a few undecided. Campaign workers’ big chore now is to get their supporters out.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing that has been coming up throughout the campaign is the expressed vow by some if their candidate doesn’t win they will withhold their support for the party nominee in the general election. This is certainly not the first time anyone has heard this.

Whatever happens during the primary process, let us hope that all Democrats will think very hard about withholding their vote in the general election from the Democratic candidate. Whether it is Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton not voting for the Democrat is equivalent to voting for the Republican.

Does anyone here need a lecture on how horrible for the country as a whole a Republican president will be for this country? We are barely past a financial crisis of monumental proportions; the move to a form of health care is in its infancy and needs lots of both protections and upgrades; Republicans have their sights set on destroying both Social Security and Medicare; our penchant to go to war at the drop of a hat has abated tremendously; SCOTUS seats will be up for replacements; simple humanitarian programs for the disabled and poor will be smashed especially if Republicans retain control in Congress.

This is but a short list of the profound effects withholding a vote from the Democratic candidate out of spite will affect. Whether it is Clinton or Sanders we have all seen and heard that while approaches may be different, the desired outcomes are in the same general direction.

Caucus hardy, Mateys. But remember in the end we are not our own enemies. Republicans are the enemy. Come November we absolutely must stick together. Since Ronald Reagan, each election has become increasingly important. As we have all heard before, this is the most important election ever. If Democrats fail, the changes to our form of government by a Republican majority may be irreversible.

Besides, if you don’t show up to vote then that will hurt our down ticket candidates. It is way past time to retire Grassley. It is time for Iowans to elect representatives who are rational and not beholden to the likes of David and Charles Koch. Considering how Terry Branstad has turned Iowa into his little kingdom it is quite apparent why we desperately need to take back both houses of the Iowa legislature. Even county races have become extremely important.

So next November, let’s make sure we aren’t stunned by the prospect of a President Trump. Let us not look at each other and say:

hat tip to Walt Kelly's comic strip Pogo

hat tip to Walt Kelly’s comic strip Pogo

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