Sunday Funday: Debate Day Edition

but can they pass the quiz?

but can they pass the quiz?

There will be a real debate among candidates who truly want to lead this country and are prepared through their experience and temperament to do so. Therefore, it will be in contrast to the junior high lunch room food fights over who can hate the most people and groups. Real issues will be discussed and real world solutions will be offered. Hopefully,  Americans will be able to deal with this type of format. Hopefully, most Americans will be informed enough to understand real issues.

Also, unlike the recent Republican debate, this debate will be shown on network television – NBC – at 8PM central time. And one more major difference will be that the moderator will be an actual journalist, Lester Holt, rather than a handpicked cheerleader. So watch for the intellectual stimulation and self-edification.

Were you paying attention last week? It was surely a busy week!

1) Which Republican presidential candidate refused to participate in his party’s debate because he was demoted to the undercard debate?

2) One of the major issues at the Republican debate was Ted Cruz’s birthplace. Where was Ted Cruz born?

3) Marco Rubio may also have a birth issue. Do you know what it is?

4) In the State of the State speech, Governor Branstad pushed to get money for water quality from a tax currently going to what?

5) Today is birthday #74 for The Greatest. Who is The Greatest?

6) Many folks last week spent time dreaming about how they would spend their lottery winnings. What was the final jackpot worth?

7) Just prior to the State of the Union address a US Navy boat was picked up by what country?

8) David Bowie died of cancer last Sunday. Bowie was not his real last name, but he needed to change his real name because there was already a rock and roll star that shared what name that was Bowie’s real name?

9) Bowie’s last recording was released when?

10) Darn it! Iowa didn’t win the collegiate football championship last week. Who did?

11) Oscar nominations were announced Thursday. Which nominated picture told the story of uncovering the priest sex scandal in the Boston Archdiocese?

12) SCOTUS struck down Florida’s death penalty because it is imposed by who or what?

13) Texas Gov. Greg Abbot and presidential contender Marco Rubio renewed calls for a special convention to do what?

14) The Sanctuary Occupiers in Oregon sent out a call for help to get needed supplies for their occupation. Instead of supplies they have gotten boxes of what?

15) Oil prices slipped under what threshold Friday dragging the stock market down with it?

16) Donald Trump stopped for a hamburger at a New Hampshire diner. Another patron called Trump what as she exited the diner?

17) What just beyond fledgling cable news channel announced it would cease operations before April 30th?

18) What GOP governor and VP possibility told an interviewer that “we’ve never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion. Let’s not start that now.”?

19) For $217 million each, the US Navy bought 10 ships that can’t withstand what?

20) A dangerous strain of flu is spreading big concerns across the US in what domestic species?

It will be very cold tonight so a fire and popcorn will be good additions to watching tonight’s debate.


1) Rand Paul

2) Calgary, Alberta Canada

3) he was born in Miami, but neither parent was a citizen. Some are questioning his eligibility.

4) school infrastructure

5) Muhammed Ali

6) $1.6 billion as an annuity

7) Iran. the boat had strayed in the Persian Gulf

8) David Jones (Davy Jones of the Monkees)

9) On his 69th birthday two days before he died

10) Alabama again

11) Spotlight

12) the death penally was imposed by a judge only, no jury

13) amend the constitution. Abbot has 9 big changes he thinks the country needs

14) dildos

15) $30 a barrel.

16) a racist. “enjoy your burger, racist.” she shouted at Trump as she left

17) Al Jazeera US

18) Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina

19) high seas. Not good for a navy ship

20) dogs

Oh and a Happy Birthday goes out to a Michelle Obama of Washington, DC from the folks here at blogforiowa.

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